Unlike Theresa May, her Brexit helper Jeremy Corbyn will put his Marxist opportunist-led party before country

Unlike Theresa May, her Brexit helper Jeremy Corbyn will put his Marxist opportunist-led party before country

Leap of faith
THE Prime Minister has more faith in ­Jeremy Corbyn than we do.
Ever since 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU, he’s been shamelessly two-faced, claiming to work for the national interest whilst doing everything he can to implode the Government.
Jeremy Corbyn has been shamelessly two-faced over Brexit – let’s see if he’ll do right by the 17.4m at last
Corbyn and his cronies have claimed that Labour’s magical unicorn of a plan — of customs union membership “with a say” on future trade deals — is acceptable to Brussels. Well, let’s see it.
It is a crying shame that a clean break was effectively taken off the table years ago by this Government’s, and particularly this Chancellor’s, refusal to properly prepare for No Deal.
And those ERG hardliners, who refused to confront reality over not one, not two but three votes, deserve plenty of flak too. They can’t say they weren’t warned.
We loathe the idea of a softer Brexit. But at least it would unblock this paralysing stalemate. And we know Parliament will now do anything to avoid No Deal — even revoking Brexit completely.
But it is vital — for the public’s faith in democracy — that the Withdrawal Agreement is passed and we aren’t forced to hold European elections.
And an optimist must hope that the Tories are able to win a mandate in future to leave whatever customs fudge we end up in.
Getty Images – Getty Theresa May has always put country before party – as her decision to have talks with Labour proves
All of this assumes that the Marxist opportunists in charge of the Labour Party don’t use this crisis to win themselves some party political points.
The frontbench want the Government to collapse so they can force a General Election on the country.
The backbenches, with a vanishingly small number of honourable exceptions, are full of elitist Remainers who are ­desperate to overturn the Brexit vote, come what may.
There’s every chance their condition for talks is a confirmatory referendum. The PM must be clear: that won’t fly.
Nobody can ever accuse Theresa May of putting party before country. Her decision could split hers right down the middle.
It’s now time to see if Jeremy Corbyn has the same moral fibre. Previous evidence – over not just the past few years but a lifetime – suggests otherwise.
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Higher irate tax
THE taxman is rarely popular but his latest wheeze is nothing short of scandalous.
Honest taxpayers who have made mistakes — often through no fault of their own — should be given the chance to pay what they owe, when they can. Misleading them into paying back over the odds is beyond the pale.
It’s the latest in a series of damning signs that HMRC is falling apart. And it suggests their priorities are out of whack, too.
When are they going to tackle the multinationals who have run rings around them for years?
Jeremy Corbyn confirms he will meet Theresa May for Brexit talks to end the deadlock


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