University student has been accused of making weapons with a 3D printer

University student has been accused of making weapons with a 3D printer

A STUDENT has been accused of making guns with a 3D printer — the first case of its kind in the UK.
Tendai Muswere, 25, was allegedly caught with two computer-generated weapons when cops searched his flat over a separate matter.
Ray Collins – The Sun Uni student Tendai Muswere, 25, has appeared in court over alleged 3D printed guns found in his flat
Muswere claimed he was doing a university project after being raided twice in October 2017 and February 2018.
3D printing works by joining layers of material — typically plastic — to create solid objects.
Devices can be bought for £200, while advanced ones cost £5,000-plus.
Muswere, of Pimlico, South West London, faced two charges of possessing prohibited weapons when he appeared at West-minster magistrates’ court yesterday.
The alleged weapons were made from resin, and cited as less than 60cm in length with up to 30cm-long barrels.
Muswere did not enter pleas and was bailed to appear at Southwark crown court next month.
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Police fear 3D guns could become the weapon of choice for criminals as they are not registered and have no serial numbers.
The world’s first gun made with the gadget was successfully fired in the US in 2013.
Experts believe they could also explode when fired due to their instability.
Blueprints for anyone to make their own 3D-printed gun have been shared online
3D printer creates artificial heart which beats just like the real thing


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