Universal Credit May Bank Holiday payments 2019

Universal Credit May Bank Holiday payments 2019

THERE are two more bank holiday weekends this month, which can be stressful for anyone waiting for a benefit payment.
It might be good news for workers but people on benefits may worry that the four-day weeks will delay payments – here’s all you need to know.
Getty – Contributor It can be stressful if your Universal Credit payment date falls on a weekend or bank holiday
The early May or May Day bank holiday changes every year as it’s always on the first Monday of the month, which this year is May 6.
The spring or late May bank holiday also varies from year to year as it always falls on the last Monday of the month, which this year is May 27.
If your payment date falls on these weekends, there’s no need to worry.
Many benefits, including Universal Credit, are paid on the last working day before your payment date if it falls on a weekend or a public holiday.
This may mean you’re paid either three days or 24 hours before you expect it.
Here’s when you can expect to get paid over the bank holidays.
May bank holiday Universal Credit payment datesEarly May bank holiday

Due date: May 4/5/6
Payment date: Friday, May 3

Due date: May 25/26/27
Payment date: Friday, May 24

Universal Credit is the Government’s new benefit system that rolls six benefits into one.
You’re likely to be one of the millions of people who are on the scheme if you submitted a benefit claim in the past couple of years.
Claimants are usually paid on the same day every month.
But over a bank holiday, you’ll be paid early on the last working day before the break.
The Department for Work and Pensions confirmed the payment dates to The Sun.
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Universal Credit has been controversial ever since it’s roll out in 2015, particularly because of a crippling five-week waiting period before claimants get their first payment.
That’s why The Sun is running a campaign to Make Universal Credit Work calling on the Government to slash it down to just two weeks.
We also want parents to get the 85 per cent of the money they can claim for childcare paid upfront and the work allowance to be reduced.

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