Ukip Councillor Ridiculed After Misspelling ‘Britain’ On His Own Leaflet

Ukip Councillor Ridiculed After Misspelling 'Britain' On His Own Leaflet

A Ukip councillor is being mocked on social media for a series of glaring errors – including a misspelling of ‘Britain’ – contained in a pamphlet circulated around Peterborough.Posters for councillor John Whitby were put up around the town after its MP, Fiona Onasanya, was found guilty of perverting the course of justice.Labelled “Peterborough: Shaping Britians’ Future (yes, you read that right), Whitby’s poster read: “We’ve been let down! As you may be aware our MP has recently been convicted of a serious criminal offence, but has now appealed against it.”But his call to action went viral for all the wrong reasons after Twitter user Chris Struthers pointed out the mistakes – which could have been avoided with a swift proofread.1. Can’t spell Britain.2. Misplaced apostrophe. 3. UKIP have no MPs.4. Could have done with with a comma in that opening sentence.5. Is among the first to complain that somebody is unable to use the English language.— Chris (@strutcakes) February 21, 2019

It later emerged the leaflet was proofread – by Whitby himself.He told the Peterborough Telegraph: “I typed it incorrectly and it’s an embarrassment that it happened. “A few of us misproofread [sic] it and missed two letters and a comma. “It’s important to get right, but it’s an honest mistake. I’ll hold my hands up.”

The mistake was caught after hundreds of pamphlets had already been put up, but a new batch of 10,000 posters has since been printed.


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