Two people killed in suspected gas explosion in Lidgate, Suffolk

Two people killed in suspected gas explosion in Lidgate, Suffolk

Aerial pictures show the damage of the house (Picture: Terry Harris)Two people have died in following a fire and reports of ‘multiple explosions’ at a house in Suffolk, police said.
The suspected gas explosion completely destroyed a bungalow in the village of Lidgate.
Emergency services were called to the scene just after 12.15pm today.
Fire crews began tackling the blaze around midday on Tuesday before specialist dogs were brought in after two people were reported missing.
The cause of the explosion is unknown, and a joint police and fire investigation is taking place.

Fire crews have been tackling the blaze since midday (Picture: BPM MEDIA)Two people who were ‘unaccounted for’ have now been confirmed dead by police.
Neighbours described hearing a loud bang and likened it to a ‘First World War bomb’.
A firefighter who attended the scene said: ‘Three fire engines responded to this and they were faced with multiple explosions in the rear of the property and there was severe structural damage to the property.
‘It was quite a big bungalow… and the rear of the bungalow is totally destroyed by the fire.’
A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said earlier today: ‘There are two people unaccounted for. We don’t know if they are away or if they were in the house.
‘We’ll be passing the investigation onto police in the next 15 minutes or so.’


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