Turkey Twizzlers, Findus pizzas and Marathon bars… the nostalgic foods you can no longer buy

Turkey Twizzlers, Findus pizzas and Marathon bars... the nostalgic foods you can no longer buy

FINDUS Crispy Pancakes are disappearing from supermarket shelves after 60 years – and it’s not the first time beloved foods from our childhoods have been axed in recent memory.
We’ve taken a look back at some fan favourite foods from yesteryear that are sadly no longer on sale as the iconic treats change name and recipe.
How many of these nostalgic foods did you used to have at home?
Did you used to love munching on Burton’s Potato Puffs, or buy a Secret chocolate bar from the newsagents on your way home from school?
Or maybe you had a Findus French Bread Pizza for your dinner, or some Turkey Twizzlers (before Jamie Oliver came long)?
As Findus Crispy Pancakes become a Birds Eye product with new flavours (and a higher price tag), we’ve taken a trip down memory lane to remember some of the other nostalgic childhood treats we used to love.
How many did you used to have way back when?
Burton’s Potato Puffs
Burton’s Potato Puffs were a favourite in the 70s and 80s
These crisps are fondly remembered by thousands who grew up munching them back in the day.
They were particularly popular in the 1970s and 1980s when a pack used to cost just a few pence.
They used to come in ready salted, cheese and onion, salt and vinegar, and beef flavours – but sadly, they were discontinued around 2009.Findus French Bread Pizza
Do you remember having this for your tea?
Pizza is great, and so is French bread – so a French bread pizza makes perfect sense.
They were sold by Findus and came in a variety of flavours, including cheese and tomato, and pepperoni.
But like so many other retro foods, they are now a mere memory as they are no longer on sale.
Asda and Tesco both sell dupes of the iconic treat for £1 or less, in case you want to take a trip down memory lane.
Heinz Baked Bean Pizza
It seems a bit weird now but these weird hybrid pizzas were quite popular back in the day
Beans on toast is a classic meal – but what about beans on pizza?
Believe it or not, Heinz used to make a Baked Beans Pizza back in the day when it was the fourth largest producer of pizzas in the UK, according to the BBC.
But the pizza was removed from sale forever after Heinz shut its pizza factory in 2003, much to many customers’ sadness.
Marathon bars
Snickers used to be called Marathon bars
Everyone knows them as Snickers bars these days.
But until 1990, the peanut-chocolate treats were called Marathon in the UK.
Do you think the popular chocolate bar was better when it had its original name?Secret chocolate bars
Do you remember eating a Secret chocolate bar (possibly in secret)?
You can’t trust anyone to keep a… Secret.
That was the famous tagline for Secret chocolate bars, made by Rowntree’s.
The bar had milk chocolate strands and a marshmallow centre, a bit like a Walnut Whip without the walnut.
But sadly, it was discontinued in 2003.
Shoppers are very nostalgic about the sweet treat to this day, and there are several social media groups which call for its return.
Turkey Twizzlers
Rex Features Turkey Twizzlers were discontinued after Jamie Oliver successfully campaigned to have them banned from schools
Who could forget Turkey Twizzlers?
These curly strands of breaded turkey were a staple in school canteens up and down the country.
But they were famously banned from schools in 2005 after celebrity chef Jamie Oliver started his healthy eating crusade.
Bernard Matthews, which made the iconic treat, discontinued them soon afterwards.
Some people are so keen to see them back in supermarkets that they have started websites and petitions calling for the company to make them again.
One petition has more than 25,000 signatures.
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Hilarious advert for Findus Crispy Pancakes from the 1970’s

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