Tupac starred in music video ten years AFTER he was shot dead sparking wild rumours rapper is still alive, conspiracy theory claims

Tupac starred in music video ten years AFTER he was shot dead sparking wild rumours rapper is still alive, conspiracy theory claims

A NEW Tupac conspiracy theory claims the American rapper is still alive and starred in a music video ten years AFTER he was shot dead.
Superstar rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas on September 13, 1996, when he was hit with four gunshot wounds.
A screenshot from Dutch artist Chilo’s 2006 music video ‘Amsterdam to L.A’ – in which conspiracy theorists believe Tupac has appeared
But since his death wild conspiracy theories have circulated, claiming the rapper is still alive and only went into hiding.
The latest theory involves a music video by Dutch artist Chilo from 2006, for the song “Amsterdam to L.A”.
A video uploaded to YouTube yesterday by conspiracy theorists WiredUp TV features scenes from the video.
During the clip, the narrator of the video stops when the camera is on a man that looks suspiciously like Tupac, sitting in a car and smoking a cigarette.
The video freezes on the frame and zooms in, circling the “modern day Tupac” in a bright green circle.
The narrator says: “Look at the guy next to the gentleman with the face furthest to us, the guy smoking a cigarette, that’s Tupac Shakur.
“We have just got confirmation.”
The man in the video looks similar to Tupac – he is bald and has the same shaped moustache that the singer had – but the video does not prove the real identity of the person.
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Since the video was uploaded on March 19, it has amassed over 5,000 views and almost 90 comments.
The channel’s five other videos – all uploaded within the last month – all relate to Tupac’s death.
Many non-believers in the video’s comments section debunk the theories, leaving comments like “still no proof”.
Another said: “It is crazy how every time a picture of Tupac is shown it is always a picture far away, in a dark silhouette.”
Another recent conspiracy theory claimed that Tupac is alive and living secretly in an L.A prison, after “new evidence” of a man matching Tupac’s description surfaced on an American inmate information website.
Earlier this year rapper Suge Knight’s son bizarrely started a rumour that Tupac was alive and planning to release new music with rapper Cardi B.
Getty Images Legendary rapper Tupac died in 1996 during a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas
Michael Ochs Archives – Getty Many bizarre conspiracy theories have surfaced about Tupac’s death
Getty – Contributor Many conspiracy theorists believe Tupac didn’t actually die, but went into hiding


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