Tuck into your fruit and vegetables for less with these cash-saving tips — plus win £15,000 on the Sun Savers Raffle

Tuck into your fruit and vegetables for less with these cash-saving tips — plus win £15,000 on the Sun Savers Raffle

HOW good are you at getting your five-a-day?
Well, you may need to up your game, as new book Ten-A-Day The Easy Way, by James Wong, suggests we should be eating double the recommended amount of fruit and veg.
Getty – Contributor Tuck into your five-a-day of fruit and veg for less with these fab savings
These fab savings will help get those greens in without breaking the bank.
Go bananas: Children pestering you for expensive snacks while out and about? Check out if there is a Tesco or a Morrisons nearby — both dish out free fruit for children.
SAVING: Around £1 to £2 on snacks
Super stuff: Try Aldi’s Super Six deals, where every week six items go on offer at even lower prices. This week you can pick up a pack of five limes for 69p, under 14p per lime. Sainsbury’s has £1.50 for a pack of five — 30p a lime.
SAVING: 81p per pack of five, or 16p per lime
Shape up: Swap “regular” fruit and veg for Morrisons’ Wonky range, which taste the same but just look a little bit different. For example, 1kg of regular onions is 65p and 1kg of wonky onions is on offer for 50p.
In the box: I love a free trial and myfarmfreshbox.co.uk is offering a free fruit and veg box when you sign up to its weekly delivery service. It’s a mini version of its smallest box, normally £9.50. Members rave about the better quality but be aware this is a subscription service and you will be charged £5 membership and then the price per weekly box if you continue.
SAVE: Around £5 with a free mini trial box
Waste race: Apps such as Too Good To Go and Olio can help you find food freebies or bargains in your area. Olio lets users or shops list leftovers, while Too Good To Go features shops selling leftovers for bargain prices, usually in a “magic bag” for £3 to £4.
SAVE: The cost of your weekly fruit and veg bill
Deal of the day
Save £20 on the Little Bird Nanu stroller from Mothercare
GET your little one from A to B in the Little Bird Nanu stroller from Mothercare for £39, down from £59.
SAVE: £20
Top swap
Hop to savings with Aldi’s Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Bunny, 49p
Lindt’s famous gold bunny is five times as much at £2.50 from Sainsbury’s
AS Easter edges ever closer, Aldi’s Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Bunny, 49p, looks a lot like Lindt’s famous gold bunny – five times as much at Sainsbury’s, £2.50. Ends April 21.
SAVE: £2.01
Reader’s saving tip
JANET ROGERS, of Hornchurch, Essex, says: “Revive old mascara by putting a drop of baby oil on to the wand, replacing it in the container, then putting it on a warm radiator for a few minutes. Simple!”

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Cheap treat
Save more than half price on a gift box perfect for Mother’s Day from Beauty Naturals
INDULGE in sweet-scented luxury with three handmade bath fancies in a gift box from beautynaturals.com for £4.49. Was £10. Perfect for Mother’s Day. Ends March 31.
SAVE: £5.51
Hot right nowGET two Reel Cinema tickets at half price with Groupon. Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays at 11 UK sites.

Shop & save
These Peperami Minis are full of protein and £2 a pack now at Tesco
IN need of a snack? Peperami Minis are full of protein and currently £2 for a pack of ten at Tesco. Usually £2.75. Offer ends March 26.
My Sun Savers fiver
GAIL BLACKWELL, from Taunton in Somerset, says: “I’m saving up my Savers fivers to buy my grand-daughter’s christening gown.”

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