Trump ‘wants his pal Nigel Farage to join State banquet’ with the Queen in move that would humiliate Theresa May

Trump 'wants his pal Nigel Farage to join State banquet' with the Queen in move that would humiliate Theresa May

DONALD Trump wants Nigel Farage to dine alongside the Queen at the state banquet during his visit to the UK next month, sources have claimed.
Theresa May’s government are now battling to stop the Brexit Party leader from attending the white-tie dinner at Buckingham Palace which will also commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, it has been reported.
PA:Press Association Donald Trump wants pal Nigel Farage to attend the state banquet with the Queen next month
The former Ukip leader appearing alongside the US President at the event would be seen as humiliating for the Prime Minister who is reeling from Farage’s surge in the polls following her failure to deliver Brexit.
Farage has a longstanding friendship with Trump, has attended the Republican’s rallies and was even the first UK politician to meet him following his sensational election victory in 2016.
As a head of state, the US leader is allowed to request places for a smaller number of guests – and Farage’s allies say he is trying to secure one for the Brexit rabble-rouser.
Speaking with The Mail On Sunday, a source said: “Overtures have been made about Nigel going in with the US contingent.
“We have been told that his attendance would be a ‘red line’ for No 10, but it’s not clear if they would be able to stop him coming.”
The banquet has already been boycotted by Labour Jeremy Corbyn, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Commons Speaker John Bercow and Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable – who all object to Trump’s anti-immigration policies.
Buckingham Palace and the White House both last night refused to comment while Number 10 said it had not received the final guest list.
Farage declined to comment insisting he was focusing on the upcoming European elections.
He previously claimed that he was banned by Tory bosses from meeting Trump on the US President’s last UK visit.
The Brexit Party boss wants to be used as a go-between with his pal during next month’s high profile trip.
But he hit out at Theresa May for allegedly saying the pair should not be allowed to meet.
Nigel Farage praises Donald Trump for delivering on his promises and makes parallels between the Brexit Referendum and Trump’s election at CPAC 2019
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Mr Farage told LBC: “The last time he came to the UK, one of the Government’s red lines was that he wasn’t to meet me.
“I know not only him very well but also members of his administration.
“You would have though if the British Government was acting in the national interest, they would have tried to use me constructively.
“But of course Theresa May doesn’t care about the national interest, she only cares about the Conservative party’s interest.”
He also claimed he had offered to be an envoy to European businesses, reassuring them they can still trade with Britain after Brexit.
What is a state visit and what will happen when Trump comes to town?

A state visit is when a foreign leader is officially asked to come and visit the Queen
They take place at either Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle usually, and will likely begin with a formal greeting on Horseguard’s Parade
Some visits have included a carriage procession down the mall
It will also include a lavish state banquet with tiaras and ballgowns in the evening – along with 170 VIPs
Both will make a speech and propose toasts to one another
The Queen has hosted two former US Presidents for state visits before – the Obamas in 2011 and the Bush family in 2003

Reuters Theresa May is battling to stop Farage from attending the high profile event at Buckingham Palace
AP:Associated Press President Trump and the Queen inspect the Guard of Honour at Windsor Castle last summer
PA:Press Association The state banquet will be held at Buckingham Palace
US President Donald Trump talks candidly to The Sun in exclusive interview

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