Tree Man of Bangladesh desperate to have hands amputated to rid him of bark-like growths – The Sun

Tree Man of Bangladesh desperate to have hands amputated to rid him of bark-like growths – The Sun

A DAD-of-one has begged doctors to cut off his hands after they turned into bark-like growths.
Abul Bajandar, who has been dubbed the “Tree Man of Bangladesh”, says he’s living in unbearable pain and can’t sleep at night.
5 Abul Bajandar, 28, has begged doctors to cut off his hands to get rid of the bark-like growthsCredit: youtube/palash khan
5 He has already had dozens of operations to try and get rid of the bizarre growthsCredit: Reuters
The 28-year-old has had 25 operations to remove the warts, which are caused by a rare genetic condition, but they have continued to spread.
He told the Agence France Presse news agency: “I cannot bear the pain anymore, I can’t sleep at night.
“I asked the doctors to cut off my hands so I can at least get some relief.”
Abul has an extremely rare skin condition known as epidermodysplasia verruciformis, also known as “Tree-man syndrome”.
It causes warts to erupt on the body’s limbs and is believed to be exacerbated by a weak immune system.
What is epidermodysplasia verruciformis?Epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV) is a rare inherited skin disorder characterised by chronic infection with human papillomavirus (HPV).
The exact number of people suffering with the condition is unknown, but around 200 cases have been reported so far.
It usually manifests during infancy, childhood or puberty with a developement of wart-like pimples, irregular reddish brown rash, and a fungal-like infection that causes small patches of skin to become scaly and discoloured. They usually appear on the trunk, neck, face, hands and feet.
Those with the condition are more likely to develop skin cancer, especially squarmous cell carcinomas, in their 40s and 50s.
Although a permament cure has not been achieved, therapies can include cryotherapy, topical wart-creams, and surgical removal.
Preventive measures, in particular sun exposure avoidance, are crucial.
Source: GARD

His doctors had previously thought they had treated the condition, but he suffered a relapse in May last year.
Since then, the growths have come back bigger and quicker than before.
Abul wants to travel for treatment abroad but says he can’t afford the trip.
His case is due to be discussed by a board of seven doctors, according to Samanta Lal Sen, the chief plastic surgeon at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.
In 2017, the same hospital treated a young girl with the same awful condition.
Sahana Khatun, 10, had surgery to remove the bark-like growths, but her dad said they later returned in greater numbers.

The family soon halted the treatment and returned to their village, it’s reported.
A man in Indonesia also made headlines when he had almost a stone’s worth (6kg) of warts removed by American doctors in 2008.
Sadly, the man – named Dede Koswara – died of complications related to the condition aged just 42.
5 The dad-of-one’s hands have left him in unbearable pain and he can’t sleep at nightCredit: Reuters
5 Abul, with his family, wants to travel abroad for better treatment but says he can’t afford itCredit: Reuters
5 Abul has been dubbed the ‘Tree man of Bangladesh’ because of his unusual skin conditionCredit: Reuters
Bangladeshi ‘Tree Man’ Abul Bajandar is operated on in Dhaka hospital

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