Total number of each McDonald’s Monopoly prizes revealed

Total number of each McDonald's Monopoly prizes revealed

MCDONALD’S has made it harder to win big at Monopoly this year by slashing how many prizes there are up for grabs.
The number of holidays available to win has shrunk to just 50, down from 200 last year, and the number of game consoles in the mix has also been cut from 500 down to 400.
Alamy We reveal the total number of prizes that are available to win
The total number of prizes hasn’t changed though, and the rarest game tiles such as Mayfair will still get you one of the four £100,000 cash prizes, or one of 15 Mini Coopers with Bond Street.
They’re still just as hard to come by as they have been in previous years.
There are still 50,000,000 “instant win” prizes up for grabs with NOW TV packages, cinema tickets and a Sky mobile phone contract among them.
We’ve had a look to find out exactly how many of each prize there is so that you can see what your chances are of winning big.
There are only four £100,000 cash prizes to be won
Just like last year, there are only four £100,000 cash prizes to be won this year, meaning there is only a seriously slim chance that the cash will be yours.
If you had your eye on a Mini Cooper there there are 20 available to win over all – five of them are instant win prizes, while 15 prizes will be given away to those who have collected a full green set.
You’re more likely to win free food or a £10 off Red Letter Days voucher because there are two million of each available in the prize drawer.
You may prove to be a winner by entering your code into the online game because there are thousands of prizes to be won there, such as shopping vouchers and cash.
The odds are stacked against you, but there are ways to boost your chances of winning.
Remember, you’ll need to keep hold of your tokens when you’re collecting them, and as the game tiles are no longer sticky, make sure you put them somewhere safe.
The rarest McDonald’s Monopoly tilesTHESE are the most sought-after tokens in the giveaway – so keep hold of them to win, and don’t throw them in the bin!

Dark Blue – Mayfair – £100,000 (four available)
Green – Bond Street – Mini Cooper (20 available, including five instant wins)
Yellow – Coventry Street – £2,000 holiday with LoveHolidays (50 available)
Red – Strand – PS4 Pro (650 available, including 150 instant wins)
Train stations – London Liverpool Street – A phone of your choice with a one year Sky Mobile contract (400 available, including 100 instant wins)
Orange – Marlborough Street – Urbanears wireless headphones (2,000 available, including 1,000 instant wins)
Pink – Northumberland Avenue – £50 JD sports voucher (7,000 available, including 2,000 instant wins)
Light Blue – Euston Road – £30 Boohoo voucher (18,000 available, including 4,000 instant wins)
Brown – Old Kent Road – Medium extra value meal (2million available)

How to increase your chances of winning
1. Don’t order a Big Mac or McNuggets
Once again, McDonald’s fans have been left disappointed after the chain decided not to include Big Macs or McNuggets in this year’s Monopoly game.
The truth is, neither of the signature dishes have ever featured in the game and so the packaging has always been token-free.
The maximum number of tiles you can get when you order a meal is nine, but a McNugget or Big Mac meal will only get you a maximum of six.
2. Swap your fries for a Shaker Salad
The competition has been given a shake up this year after MPs and campaigners slammed the annual hunt for encouraging obesity.
It’s already slashed the number of stickers on large meal items from three to two this year – the same as medium meals – in a bid to help customers make healthier choices.
McDonald’s Fans were fuming after the chain removed the sticky backs from the tiles
And for the first time, diners will find game pieces on salads, fruit bags and packets of carrots.
We revealed which menu items have the most amount of stickers on them – and fries only come with three tokens whereas a Shaker Salad comes with three.
3. Use online game codes at off-peak times
Each token comes with an online game code, which you enter on McDonald’s websiteto try and win more prizes.
To make the odds of winning easier, fast-food lovers should avoid entering their codes at peak times, such as lunchtime when others will be doing the same.
This means there’s more chance of losing out to someone else by a split second.
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But if you enter in the early morning or overnight, you will have less competition and more chances to cash in.4. Womble
Many people will check their food items for “instant win” tiles, and then discard them if it’s a tile to be collected, according to
If you spot empty packets or cups, check to see if there is a tile you can use.
This practice is known as “wombling”. It’s not always approved by companies, but millions of people do it across the country.
Shocking moment Stephen Ley, 19 won a brand new Mini Cooper at McDonald’s when he bought a Chicken Legend meal

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