Tory Brexiteers defeating Theresa May’s Brexit deal again is a disastrous act of self-harm

Tory Brexiteers defeating Theresa May's Brexit deal again is a disastrous act of self-harm

Reality dawns
IT is surely now obvious to Tory Brexiteers that defeating Theresa May’s deal again will be a disastrous act of self-harm.
Some are waking up to it. Too many are holding out for something better.
Getty Images – Getty Theresa May’s deal is the only path to Brexit and a UK-US trade deal
It’s not coming.
Mrs May’s shock victories last night leave her battered agreement as still somehow the only viable option, even if she has been humiliatingly reduced to asking the EU for a short delay.
Kill it again next week and that’s it.
The PM will be ordered to beg a long delay, swallowing any conditions Brussels wants to impose.
Remainer MPs will take back control, as they failed to do last night by only two votes, and Tory support will collapse.
Brexiteers should listen to Donald Trump dangling the carrot of a UK-US trade deal of “unlimited” scope. It is only even remotely possible under May’s deal. Remainers will prevent No Deal.
Corbyn, meanwhile, plumbed pitiful new depths of dishonesty last night.
Having helped send the “people’s vote” crashing to a deserved defeat — to avoid offending his Leave voters — he absurdly reaffirmed his support for it to avoid offending Labour Remainers.
Give it up, Jezza. No one is buying it.
MPs vote to reject holding a second Brexit referendum after Labour abstain
Odious toad
IT is grimly fitting that John Bercow is the ringmaster of the most discredited, broken, undemocratic Parliament of our lifetimes.
This odious slug is not the impartial referee of Commons debates his predecessors were. He is the chairman and enabler of a smug Remoaner elite ­systematically trying to strip 17.4million people of the Brexit they won in 2016.
AFP or licensors Odious toad John Bercow is the enabler of a smug Remoaner elite trying to strip 17.4million people of the Brexit they won in 2016
For months he has abused his power on behalf of his mates. Yesterday he made it all too obvious, picking their flimsy amendments, yet rejecting one signed by 127 MPs from three parties designed to rule out a second referendum.
His bias would have been the last straw in any functioning Parliament.
But Remain diehards don’t care if he violates his historic position as long as he helps them. Some will destroy Brexit if our very democracy has to burn with it.
Bercow is meant to be its custodian. Instead he will go down in infamy as the man who shredded his role’s reputation.
We hope voters boot him and his friends out at the first opportunity. It may be the only democratic power millions have left.
Brexiteer Mark Francois furious as Speaker John Bercow refuses key vote to rule out second referendum
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Knives farce
MOST sensible people would want thugs locked up automatically for a second knife-carrying offence.
That’s why the Tories’ “two strikes and you’re out” rule made sense. How dare judges ignore it? Why are they letting a third of repeat offenders walk free?
And how can police possibly reduce soaring knife crime if courts remove the most powerful deterrent?
Donald Trump slams PM Theresa May for not taking his advice on Brexit negotiations and says a second referendum would be unfair


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