Tories must not crown Boris Johnson PM like Theresa May — it’s a stitch-up – The Sun

Tories must not crown Boris Johnson PM like Theresa May — it’s a stitch-up – The Sun

THE Tory leadership contest looks like a greater insult to democracy every day.
It’s bad enough our new Prime Minister being chosen solely by Tory MPs and members. Worse still that a few candidates seem terrified of public scrutiny.
4 Tories must not crown Boris Johnson PM – Theresa May was gifted power without scrutiny and they cannot repeat the mistakeCredit: Reuters
There is simply no excuse for Boris Johnson to duck a TV debate. If he’s the front-runner, let’s see him properly challenged and forced to answer tough questions from his rivals.
The Tories are not secretly selecting the new Grand Master of a Masonic Lodge. These men and women are auditioning to run the country.
At this pivotal point in our history the public have a right to see what they’re getting — beyond a few bland tweets, manicured newspaper columns or platitudes whispered behind closed doors.
Who knows? It might even convince floating voters that this battered party DOES have talent despite its problems.
Theresa May was gifted power without scrutiny, then wilted in the spotlight.
The Tories cannot repeat that mistake.
Boris Johnson launches campaign to become next PM as he pledges to ‘deliver Brexit and unite our fantastic country’
Corbyn threat
JEREMY Corbyn’s Marxists can win power against the will of a huge majority of voters. The Peterborough by-election proves it.
The Brexit Party is the best thing that’s happened to him.
4 Peterborough by-election should get Tories AND Nigel Farage to think hard how to stop Corbyn from getting into No10Credit: Getty – Contributor
The Sun has every sympathy with those protest-voting for Nigel Farage. But the side-effect is terrifyingly clear.
In any election held before Brexit, ­Farage may or may not win seats. But he WILL scupper Tory chances in more places than he will hurt Labour.
That would be enough to let Corbyn sneak in, unleashing his anti-Semitic hard-Left revolution on a nation staunchly opposed to it — and all but guaranteeing Brexit’s cancellation too.
Remainer Tories should be ashamed of even thinking of crashing their own Government over a No Deal Brexit.
All Tory MPs and leadership candidates — and, yes, Farage too — should think hard now about how best to stop Corbyn and John McDonnell wrecking Britain.
Question Time audience member criticises ‘outrageous’ Piers Morgan for slamming Labour’s stance on Brexit
It’s over, PM
WE hate to break it to the outgoing PM but there is no last-minute rescuing of her “legacy”.
It is outrageous to try to splurge £10billion on pet projects in her last days in office, hoping to be remembered for anything but failing on Brexit.
4 Theresa May cannot rescue her ‘legacy’ – but as a last noble act she can give families with disabled kids back £434million fundsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
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Chancellor Philip Hammond is furious. And for a record-breaking second time in two days he’s right. We’ll need that £10billion post-Brexit. Deciding how to spend it is for Mrs May’s successor.
For one last noble act, though, she should reinstate the £434million of funding cut from families with disabled kids, as The Sun has urged her.
It’s a long way short of £10billion… and no one could object.
Support for families with disabled kids has been cut – it’s time to Give It Back


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