Tories don’t want Jeremy Hunt as leader — they want a committed Brexiteer to deliver Brexit – The Sun

Tories don’t want Jeremy Hunt as leader — they want a committed Brexiteer to deliver Brexit – The Sun

He’s in the Hunt
BORIS Johnson vs Jeremy Hunt looks like a terrible final. We hope we’re wrong.
We have great respect for Mr Hunt and congratulate him. He is a decent man and an excellent Foreign Secretary, unfairly maligned by the Left ­during his long, tough stint at Health. He has run a terrific campaign.
4 Boris Johnson is vastly likely to deliver BrexitCredit: PA:Press Association
4 We have great respect for Mr Hunt but a reformed Remainer is not what the Tories need nowCredit: Getty Images – Getty
But the Tories won’t want a reformed Remainer in charge now. They want a committed Brexiteer to deliver Brexit, then win votes all over the country.
Boris is vastly more likely to do that. Which is why he is miles ahead with MPs and, more importantly, members.
The Tories should use this contest to produce the best, most achievable Brexit plan. That may be a combination of both candidates’ ideas, though there’s not a huge difference between them.
Then they need the man most capable of winning the election which seems inevitable, before unifying Britain in a way Corbyn’s Marxists can never do.
Mr Hunt is a good operator and a ­self-made millionaire used to tough negotiations, but we cannot see that beating Boris’s charisma. It would take a miracle or a Boris implosion.
We were sorry to see Home Secretary Sajid Javid lose out. His campaign won him many new fans. And Michael Gove is a tremendous orator, reformer and Brexiteer who would have given Boris a stiffer challenge than any of his rivals.
But Johnson v Hunt it is. Bring it on.
Feeble Beeb
THE BBC’s defence of its shameful Tory leadership TV debate is pathetic.
Its leftie journalists gave a platform to a Corbyn-backing anti-Semite and a former Corbyn staffer and passed them off as random punters. Neither was interested in honest, fair scrutiny. Their agenda was to benefit Labour.
4 The BBC still defends its shameful Tory leadership debate – it’s patheticCredit: BBC
Nor were their questions “good ones”, as its live politics editor feebly insists.
One stoked flimsy claims about a Tory Islamophobia problem, a naked attempt to distract from Labour’s genuine ­epidemic of Jew-hatred. Another baldly stated that no Tory had a mandate to govern and demanded an election.
Johnson and Hunt should boycott further partisan BBC stitch-ups.
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Rape justice
WERE it not for two brave victims and The Sun, serial rapist John Worboys would be on our streets today, freed by parole board halfwits.
Now, after admitting drugging four more women who came forward as a result of our publicity, he could get life.
4 Black cab rapist John Worboys could get life after admitting drugging four more women who came forward as a result of our publicityCredit: PA:Press Association
Worboys lied to the parole panel about his crimes and his remorse. They swallowed the lot. How can we trust them with vital decisions over public safety?
We are proud of the campaign we helped run. Can Theresa May say the same of Justice Secretary David Gauke?
He did nothing.
Boris Johnson to battle Jeremy Hunt to become the next PM as Michael Gove is eliminated from the Conservative leadership race


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