Tories could burn another PM in Boris Johnson — by a coronation or over Brexit – The Sun

Tories could burn another PM in Boris Johnson — by a coronation or over Brexit – The Sun

BORIS Johnson now looks all but certain to become Prime Minister. Tory Remainers had better start getting used to it.
Because collapsing his new Government over a No Deal Brexit, as some are absurdly threatening, would be an act of staggeringly stupid self-harm.
3 We must know what PM we are getting on Boris – he must face scrutinyCredit: Dan Charity – The Sun
There are two likely results from the snap election they would force on Boris. One is that he wins a majority, as polls indicate he might, and pushes through a Brexit they despise anyway.
The other is they hand power to Corbyn’s Marxists, green-light the transformation of our economy into Venezuela’s and destroy their own party forever.
Alternatively they could actually ­support Boris, who plainly shares many of their beliefs and has committed to prioritising a new deal over No Deal.
That said, PM Boris is not nailed-on yet. And however much his supporters want a swift coronation he MUST face proper scrutiny first.
No matter how far ahead he is he must be rigorously tested, over facts and details, in live debates against a rival who knows his weaknesses.
The Tories cannot impose another PM on Britain without voters knowing just what we are getting.
Boris Johnson on course to be next PM after landslide victory in Tory leadership poll as Leadsom, McVey and Harper knocked out
Ror nerve
IT is increasingly clear, claims Rory Stewart, that it’s him against Boris for No10.
And it is increasingly clear to us that next season’s title race will be between Man City and Brighton.
3 Rory Stewart and his Blairite fans on Twitter are the only ones who believe he’s Boris’ main challengerCredit: EPA
It takes some bottle to get only 19 MPs’ votes, and come last among candidates who survived the first round, then declare yourself the main challenger.
We can’t fault Stewart’s self-belief. But what does he imagine would happen if somehow he won? Yes, he would certainly secure the applause of his Blairite fans in their Twitter bubble, none ever intending to actually vote Tory.
As for the life-or-death mission to ­win back millions and millions of Nigel ­Farage’s Brexit Party followers…
Not a chance.
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Macron’s mob
FROM the moment it set out to trap us in the customs union or reverse Brexit, the EU has never negotiated in good faith. Here’s the latest proof:
France’s President Macron wants to hand our new PM an ultimatum that we take Theresa May’s bad deal or they’ll kick us out with No Deal on October 31.
3 Macron threatens to make us regret it if we don’t pay the £39bn like a gangster – this is what Remainers defendCredit: AFP or licensors
Come what may, he insists we still pay Brussels £39billion for the privilege of leaving.
That’s a vast sum the EU’s own budget chief now admits they have no legal claim on. But if we don’t stump up, they say, we will be made to regret it.
MPs from all parties have turned down their deal three times. Yet Macron plans to hold a gun to our head over it while demanding money with menaces.
And Remainers defend these gangsters.
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