Top Ukip candidate says it’s OK to rape young boys in sick YouTube rant

Top Ukip candidate says it's OK to rape young boys in sick YouTube rant

A TOP Ukip candidate said it was OK to abuse “young boys” in a sick YouTube rant, it emerged today.
Carl Benjamin suggested there was nothing wrong with the sexual abuse of children, adding: “It’s not as controversial as you think.”
Getty Images – Getty Ukip candidate Carl Benjamin is now being investigated by police
The candidate – who previously joked about raping a female MP – is now being investigated by the police over his twisted comments.
Mr Benjamin is standing for the European Parliament in next month’s EU elections.
He is one of a wave of minor web celebrities signed up by Ukip after the party was deserted by most of its MEPs including Nigel Farage.
The YouTuber, known as “Sargon of Akkad” online, made inflammatory comments about child abuse in a 2014 video, according to the Mail on Sunday.
Mr Benjamin said: “I can be quoted as saying you can f*** young boys. It’s actually not as controversial as you think.
“Depends on the child, doesn’t it? The ancient Greeks were pederasts. It was considered to be normal. It was mentoring.”
He also used a string of offensive racial and homophobic slurs in old videos.
A dossier of sick comments by Mr Benjamin has now been passed to his local police force by a Ukip whistleblower.
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He told the Mail on Sunday: “It was an abstract conversation.”
Mr Benjamin has also provoked outrage by refusing to apologise for joking about raping Labour’s Jess Phillips in a separate online rant.
Other Ukip candidates for the European Parliament include a web comedian best known for teaching his dog to do a Nazi salute.
SWNS:South West News Service Ukip leader Gerard Batten, right, at the party’s European election launch

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