Top secondary school Forest Gate Community School in east London switches to four-and-a-half day week

Top secondary school Forest Gate Community School in east London switches to four-and-a-half day week

It looks like school children will be getting shorter weeks long before us grownups do.
From September, pupils at the high achieving Forest Gate Community School in east London, will be allowed to leave at 12pm every Friday.
Officials decided to switch to a four-and-a-half day week after seeing positive results from a company in New Zealand.
Financial services company Perpetual Guardian announced a 20% rise in productivity and happier staff after moving to a four-day week.

Forest Gate Community School, East London (Picture: Google)Forest Gate executive headteacher Simon Elliott said the school, rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, would maintain its high standards and results.
He said: ’We are confident that the introduction of a shorter timetable will not impact on our capacity to continue to achieve among the very best results in the country.
‘On the contrary, with believe happier, less stressed staff who feel valued will help create the type of learning environment to improve productivity.’
Mr Elliott said the move would also help lift the burden on increasingly overworked staff and improve the quality of teaching.
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Forest Gate Community School executive headteacher Simon Elliott (Picture: SWNS)But the shorter hours don’t necessarily mean teachers will head home or to the nearest pub on Friday afternoon.
They will have the option of finishing early or spending the afternoon improving their teaching at professional development training.
Pupils will also be able to enrich themselves further if they choose, with the school remaining open until 5pm.
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Mr Elliott added: ‘We will be using Friday afternoon’s to invite in special guest speakers who can talk to our students about areas of study they are passionate about.
‘This will not be compulsory but will offer students the opportunity to take their learning beyond what can be taught in the classroom.
‘We will need some teachers to remain on Friday afternoons in a supervisor capacity but, again, that will be optional.’
The holiday entitlement and benefits for teachers will remain unchanged.
Forest Gate Community School has been ranked in the Top 50 schools nationally for GCSE results three years in a row.


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