Tokyo hotel serves world’s most expensive burger for £700

Tokyo hotel serves world's most expensive burger for £700

The giant feast serves up to eight people (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)Is there a better way to celebrate than with a towering plate of meat?
The Grand Hyatt hotel in Tokyo doesn’t appear to think so – they have decided to welcome the country’s incoming Emperor with an enormous, gold-dusted burger that costs £700.
The Oak Door steakhouse located inside the hotel will mark the ascension of Crown Prince Naruhito with the ‘Golden Giant Burger’, which stands at 25cm wide and 15cm tall.
As well as the entirely necessary dusting of gold, the burger features a kilogram of prime Wagyu maize-fed beef, foie gras and shaved black truffles – as well as some more normal burger ingrediants including cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.

The burger is in honour of the country’s new Emperor (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)The feast, served with a bottle of wine, is designed for sharing between six to eight people – which could make the price tag around £100 per head. Slightly more than you would probably pay at Five Guys.
‘In celebration of the new Imperial era Reiwa and the long Golden Week, The Oak Door steakhouse will serve a special edition of their signature burger that come with two sizes,’ it says on the hotel website.
‘Let these indulgent burgers be the perfect choice for celebration!’

(Picture: AP)So if you fancy giving this burger a try you need to make sure you turn up hungry. You also have to be organised – the meaty extravaganza has to be ordered up to three days in advance – so start checking your diaries.
The Golden Giant Burger, which also marks the ushering in of Japan’s new Reiwa Era, will stay on the menu until the end of June.
Our mouths are already watering.
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