Toddler’s swollen belly dismissed by docs as ‘just gas’ but it turned out to be 14cm cancer tumour on her ovary – The Sun

Toddler’s swollen belly dismissed by docs as ‘just gas’ but it turned out to be 14cm cancer tumour on her ovary – The Sun

A TWO-YEAR-OLD’S swollen tummy that was dismissed by doctors as “gas” turned out to be a 14-centimetre cancerous tumour in her ovary.
McKenna “Kenni” Shea Xydias, from Georgia started to develop high fevers and a swollen belly in late January and early February.
8 Kenni began developing high fevers and a bloated belly earlier this year, but it was dismissed as gas
8 Kenni was rushed to hospital where she was later diagnosed with ovarian cancerCredit: GoFundMe
Michael and Meagan, her parents, took her to the paediatrician several times but were told it was gas.
However, a test at the hospital eventually revealed the little girl had an ovarian yolk sac tumour as well as several other tumours throughout her body.
Her parents now tell others to “trust your gut” when it comes to your child’s health.
Meagan first knew something was wrong in late January when she was asked to pick Kenni up from her nursery school because she developed a fever.
In February, her belly began to bloat, but the paediatrician said it was just gas.
Within a week, the toddler had trouble using the bathroom and her temperature soared to 40C.
Kenni’s mum rushed her to the hospital where doctors performed an ultrasound, a CT scan and an MRI.
Of the several cancerous tumours found in Kenni’s abdomen, one was near her liver and another was on her right ovary and measured out to be 14cm, Good Morning America reported.
She was diagnosed with a stage III malignant yolk-sac tumour, a rare tumour stemming from the cells lining the embryo’s yolk sac.
It is most often found in children between the ages one and two, according to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.
It only accounts for one per cent of all ovarian malignancies.
Michael told “Our biggest takeaway is to trust your gut when it comes to yours or your child’s health.
“Doctors are human and can sometimes miss things, so if you feel that another test needs to be run, pursue it.”
Within days of Kenni’s diagnosis, she underwent surgery to remove her right ovary and five inches of her small intestine.
Kenni began chemotherapy in late February, undergoing four rounds that lasted five days each.
Her mum said: “After the first round of chemo, her hair started falling out.
“She had nausea, her appetite was not very well, and she would vomit more and more after day one [of each round].”
On June 12, Kenni had “no evidence of disease”.
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A heart-warming video shows Kenni and her parents ringing the bell at the hospital, declaring she was cancer-free.
A family friend set a GoFundMe page to help cover the medical bills and other family expenses.
They’ve almost reached their goal of £41,354 ($52,500).
Signs of ovarian cancerOvarian cancer affects the ovaries, which are a small pair of organs located in the female pelvic cavity.Things to look out for include:

A swollen stomach
Feeling bloated constantly
Needing to urinate frequently
Discomfort in your tummy or pelvic area
Feeling full quickly when eating

8 One June 12, Kenni was declared cancer-free
8 Kenni and her mum ring the bell in the hospital when they find out he good news
8 Kenni was diagnosed with a stage III malignant yolk-sac tumor
8 Kenni underwent four rounds of chemotherapy that lasted five days each
8 Kenni also underwent surgery to remove her right ovary and five inches of her small intestine
8 Kenni with her two brothers

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