Toddler born with 14 fingers has life-changing op to correct rare birth defect that runs in her family

Toddler born with 14 fingers has life-changing op to correct rare birth defect that runs in her family

A LITTLE girl born with 14 fingers has had life-changing surgery to correct her hereditary birth defect.
The three-year-old, whose name hasn’t been revealed, had two extra fingers on each hand – as well as two extra thumbs.
AsiaWire A little girl born with 14 fingers has had life-changing surgery
AsiaWire Surgeons say that she’ll now group up with fully functioning hands and fingers
Despite the defect going back five generations in her family, no one had ever bothered seeking help for their condition because of their poor financial situation.
The tot was treated at the Central Hospital of Shenyang Medical College in China.
Her parents had previously consulted numerous hospitals and doctors before finally settling on hand surgery specialist, Zhan Jie.
He promised that the procedure wouldn’t impact on the child’s development and would help to preserve the function and look of her hands.
The medic revealed: “The girl had two extra fingers on each hand – quite a rare patient.
“The surgery was complicated by the fact that the fingers we wanted to keep and those we wanted to remove weren’t clear and obvious.
“Besides removing the extra digits, we also needed to make corrections to the angle.”
Dr Zhan and his team were able to remove the extra digits as well as straighten the girl’s thumbs and redirect the bone growth with the help of metal rods.
They hoped that she’d now be able to grow up free from any potential stigma associated with the condition.
“It’s been a month since the operation. She came back after two weeks to have her sutures removed,” Doctor Zhan said.
He added: “Both we and the patient’s family are satisfied with the appearance of her hands.”
Medics didn’t confirm what the girl’s defect actually was but polydactyly is a condition which causes babies to be born with too many fingers and toes.
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It tends to be picked up during ultrasound scans and affects up to one in every 700 births worldwide.
Usually, children have the extra digits removed before their second birthday.
It’s often hereditary but when it’s not passed down, it usually occurs due to a change in the baby’s genes while it’s in the womb.
AsiaWire But due to their financial situation, no one had ever gotten checked out
AsiaWire Docs managed to remove the extra fingers and straighten the remaining ones with metal rods
AsiaWire And the little girl can now look forward to a future free from stigma
AsiaWire Although uncomfirmed, it’s thought that the girl was suffering from polydactyly
AsiaWire It affects up to one in 700 births worldwide and tends to set in when babies are in the womb

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