Time to celebrate fabulous older women like Madonna and Sherrie Hewson

Time to celebrate fabulous older women like Madonna and Sherrie Hewson

THERE’S a trio of terrific women in their prime who have been treated rather shabbily this week.
First up there’s Madonna, who is apparently “over the hill” even though she has just released her most exciting music for years.
Getty This week Radio 1 bosses blacklisted Madonna’s new single, allowing ageism and sexism to run rampant
Radio 1 bosses are refusing to play her new single Medellin which, frankly, is their loss.
It’s a cracking tune that will be a huge hit and shows that the Material Girl is well and truly back on her best form.
Age really is just a number when it comes to 60-year-old Madonna. She works her ass off and, although I reckon she’s overdone the face fillers, she still looks phenomenal.
She also remains a relevant pop artist — with so many young women in the music business, including Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, owing her huge debts of gratitude.
Madonna was a pioneer and made it easier for others such as Lady Gaga to follow her lead.
We also have actress Carol Harrison — who claimed this week she was booted off EastEnders for the sin of growing older.
Age really is just a number when it comes to 60-year-old Madonna. She works her ass off and she remains a relevant pop artist.
Carol played Louise Raymond, mum of Martine McCutcheon’s character Tiffany, who had an affair with her daughter’s husband Grant Mitchell.
It was a shocking storyline 20 years ago but Carol says producers thought she was “past it” at the age of 42.
She added that after leaving the soap, the only parts she was offered were as “tarts and mutton dressed as lamb”.
Carol refused to take clichéd roles as a series of hard-faced “slags” and ended up having to endure long periods out of work, which led to her feeling depressed. It’s horribly unfair.
Carol was at the peak of her acting powers and should have enjoyed a glittering career.
She is now 62 — a sassy, sexy woman who has landed a role in stage show The Thunder Girls.
She will be her usual, brilliant self in the story of a reunited girlband and will prove that anyone who has written her off over the past two decades has made a big mistake.’FEAR OF AGEING IS CRIPPLING’
I would also love to blow a giant raspberry to those in our warped society who have made the delightful Sherrie Hewson feel so insecure she wants to have another facelift to look younger.
The actress says she is deeply unhappy at what she sees in the mirror and doesn’t think anyone will fall in love with her because she feels old and unattractive.
She suffers from body dysmorphia and her fear of ageing is crippling.
Sherrie is filled with so much unhappiness and pain, she’s willing to put herself through a major surgical procedure to try to regain her lost youth.
In an ideal world she should be celebrated as a vibrant older women with so much to contribute to any relationship.
But Sherrie believes she will never find another partner and is convinced men want women ten or 20 years younger than her. It’s just so desperately sad.
All of these women should be having the time of their lives.
Madonna should be feted and celebrated as a pop icon. She has paid her dues and earned the right to be respected by everyone in the music industry, including trendy radio stations and music channels catering for teens and twentysomethings.
In an ideal world she should be celebrated as a vibrant older women with so much to contribute to any relationship.
Carol should be enjoying plum parts in TV dramas, stage plays and films, and Sherrie should be having a ball as a desirable, confident single woman.
Instead, along with far too many other mature women, this trio have been made to feel invisible.
As I approach my 60th birthday at the end of this year, I feel as if I am in better shape then when I was in my twenties and thirties.
It’s taken me a while, but I found my sense of style and discovered a hairstyle, make-up and clothes that suit me.
I’ve never experienced ageism in the workplace and being an older woman has, in fact, helped me in my job.GREY PERM AND SHOPPING TROLLEY
I believe that with more maturity and experience, we all become more tolerant and, hopefully, wiser and more understanding.
When I was a teenager in the 1970s, a 60-year-old woman would have had a tight grey perm, been wearing a shapeless coat and wheeling a tartan shopping trolley around with her.
Times have obviously changed and women of a certain age are taking better care of themselves, going to exercise classes, eating properly and taking HRT to cope with the ageing effects of the menopause.
We are a force to be reckoned with and won’t be silenced.
So come on, Radio 1, get that Madonna track installed on your playlist.
Casting directors and producers, give Carol the parts she deserves.
And as far as Sherrie in concerned, any decent man should be proud to have such a prize on his arm.
Rex Features In more damning acts against older women this week, Carol Harrison revealed she was axed from EastEnders because she was ‘past it’ at 42
Rex Features Sherrie Hewson then spoke about her desire to get a second face lift, admitting she’s terrified of growing old
Madonna reveals new track ‘Medellín’ with Maluma and announces new album ‘Madame X’
Let’s not sleepwalk into a measles epidemic
THIS is a plea to parents of children due to have vaccinations. Don’t leave your child exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases, or risk the lives of other little kids, because you decide not to have your child immunised.
We are teetering on the edge of a measles epidemic and, if that happens, children will die.
Getty We are in real danger of sleepwalking into a catastrophe by leaving children exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases
More than 500,000 children in the UK do not have protection against this disease. Their parents either don’t care, are unaware of the risks, or have been scared by anti-vaccine propaganda.
Health chiefs warn that the spreading of anti-vaccine messages online is irresponsible and they urge parents to ensure children are protected.
Measles can cause blindness and brain damage – and can be fatal. We have the scientific knowledge to virtually eradicate this disease and it would be criminal to let it run riot again.
Maybe we have become complacent and think it doesn’t matter if we don’t get children vaccinated, but older GPs and people in poorer countries know what a measles epidemic means.
We are in real danger of sleepwalking into a catastrophe.
Doubts in DutyI AM counting down the hours until tomorrow’s episode of Line Of Duty.
Last week’s gory killing was jaw-dropping and I’m afraid I heard the sound of chickens coming  home to roost in that seedy hotel room with the broken toilet, where Ted Hastings is hanging his police hat.
I will be devastated if this upright, uptight, upstanding officer, who abides by the letter of the law, turns out to be a bent copper.
But then again, with this series, anything could happen.

Vivien’s pitch perfect
I CAN’T imagine I’m the only one struggling with the sound quality on my telebox.
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to put on the subtitles out of sheer frustration.
Corbis – Getty Can we please cut out the mumbling, overdone accents and loud music on TV and go back to lines being delivered clearly – just look to Vivien Leigh for guidance
I simply cannot make out what the actors are saying because they constantly mumble and swallow their words, or are drowned out by ear-piercing background music.
Some excellent Netflix dramas, especially those set in the Deep South of the US, are ruined for me because of indecipherable accents, incomprehensible mutterings and what used to be called “incidental music”.
I struggled with True Detectives but The Highwaymen – starring Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson and about the lawmen who tracked down 1930s American bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde – was at times almost impossible to hear.
Screen goddesses Bette Davis and Vivien Leigh memorably played spoiled Southern women in the movies Jezebel and Gone With The Wind respectively, and I could understand every single crisp word that fell from their perfect lips – and what the huge supporting cast were saying, too.
It seems bizarre that films made back in Thirties, when sound technology was pretty darned basic, are cleaner and clearer than what we experience now.
So can we please cut out the mumbling, overdone accents and loud music and give us a chance to actually hear the lines that the poor actors took the trouble to learn.
My debt to the NHS
I JUST want to say a huge thank you to all of the amazing professionals on Ward 12 in Hairmyres Hospital, East Kilbride, for looking after my dad John, who is going through a tough time but being incredibly brave and positive.
We are so lucky to have a National Health Service staffed by such caring, dedicated nurses, doctors and health care workers who do such a difficult job yet always treat their patients with dignity and compassion.
You only really appreciate the NHS when you find that you and someone you love are in need of its help.
I simply cannot thank them all enough.

D-Day Trumps protest
LORD knows I have no time for the orange man-baby currently residing in the White House, but I do believe he should be given a State visit in June.
The Queen is in no way honouring Donald Trump – who is a ridiculous, if dangerous, figure of fun.
AP:Associated Press The Queen has extended an invitation to Donald Trump, upholding the UK’s tradition of respect
She is graciously extending an invitation to the President of the United States.
It is the distinguished office that is being treated with respect, not the silly clown who happens to have the job at the moment.
CommentJAMES FORSYTH PM must say when she intends to quit — & let someone else handle Brexit deal CommentJEREMY CLARKSON Here’s the first rule of attempting Bank Holiday DIY: Don’t Injure Yourself CommentTHE SUN SAYS Public don’t care who in Westminster leaked Government’s Huawei 5G decision CommentBRENDAN O’NEILL Islamist terror is a new kind of savagery that’s waging war on Christianity CommentJAMES GLANCY Leave voters feel insulted & ignored — my Brexit Party will act for the people
Protesters would be better keeping their powder dry for something that really matters – like trying to make sure sectarian violence doesn’t rear its ugly head in Northern
Ireland, or stopping the senseless acts of terrorism we have just witnessed in Sri Lanka.
I do, however, think people should turn up en masse on our streets when Trump is over here in the summer, and that’s because he will be part of the D-Day remembrance celebrations to honour the brave men and women who united against the tyranny of Nazi Germany.
After all, it was their sacrifice that gave us all the freedom to actually protest in the first place.
WWII veteran Steve Melnikoff recounts storming of Omaha Beach on D-Day


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