Thrifty shopper lives on £1 a day

Thrifty shopper lives on £1 a day

WE’RE all looking for ways to tighten our belts – but could you really survive on just £1 day for your food?
Rosie Waters, a thrifty 25-year-old from Liverpool, took up the challenge for a month and even managed to splash out on food for her two dogs.
Rosie Waters, a thrifty 25-year-old from Liverpool, took up the challenge for a month last year
Rosie, who lives with her parents and found herself unemployed last year, was forced to live for less after her benefit payment was delayed and she had little to live on.
She told The Sun: “I missed an appointment, which meant I didn’t receive my monthly £250 payment, so I needed to feed myself on as little as possible.
“Eating for less does require quite a lot of organisation but it doesn’t necessarily mean a diet of beans and rice.”
Rosie was already saving money by cooking from scratch rather than opting for ready meals but she needed to cut her budget too. She thought she’d give couponing a go.
Rosie insists eating for £1 a day doesn’t mean a diet of rice and beans
For anyone who wants to cook cheap meals she advises them to buy basic ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar and basic food tins
She fills in surveys on websites like Toluna, Valued Opinions and Nectar Canvass, which give you supermarket vouchers once you’ve completed them.
Rosie also uses cashback sites, like TopCashback, for her grocery shopping, which gives you money back if you shop the deals through their site.
She said: “I hardly pay anything for any of my groceries. I stock up on coupons and vouchers and plan my shop according to the offers I have found that week.
“I also hunt for bargains on website like MoneySavingExpert or LatestDeals, so I never miss out on the latest offers or discounts.”
Rosie’s tips to survive on £1 a dayROSIE thinks living on £1 a day is easy as long as you’re organised. Here are her tips:

Use budget retailers – Only shop at bargain supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl unless you have coupons
Stock up on basic food tins – These last longer and you can use them for more than one meal
Become a veggie – Rosie is a vegetarian so she doesn’t spend money on meat, which is often more expensive
Be organised – Plan your shopping in advance and make a list. Rosie often plans her shopping around the coupons she gets or the offers she spots each week
Use coupons, vouchers – Rosie visits websites like Mysupermarket, Latestdeals, MoneySavingExpert and TopCashback to find the best deals and freebies
Cook everything from scratch – It will always be cheaper to cook from scratch than buying a ready meal

Rosie Waters It would set her back about £50 per month to buy food for her dogs – but thanks to Asda vouchers she gets it for free most of the time
She was once able to pay just £2 for her Sainsbury’s grocery shop worth £34.50 thanks to the Nectar points she’d stocked up and TopCashback.
She got so good at it, she was even able cut her £50 monthly bill on food for her dogs Precious and Lucy, thanks to Asda vouchers that she regularly gets for free.
And you’d be wrong to think that Rosie is only surviving on beans and rice.
Her typical shop consists of items like soya milk, crackers and spaghetti but also strawberries, asparagus, lettuce and vegan cheese.
One of her favourite sweet treats is banana bread, because it’s “filling, cost-savvy and delicious”.
She was once able to get a full Sainsbury’s shop worth £34.50 for just £2 thanks to her Nectar points and TopCashback
She said: “All you need is three bananas, a bag of flour and sugar. Many of these ingredients last longer and can be re-used.”
“Once you’ve baked your banana bread it can also easily last a few days, if you’re not too greedy.”
Rosie is a vegetarian so it helped that she doesn’t have to fork out on meat – but it’s not always as easy as it sounds.
She worked hard to get the vouchers in the first place, sometimes spending whole days filling out surveys online to earn enough coupons.
Rosie told the Sun: “Obviously one pound is very little so you need to be quite organised and plan all your shops in advance.”
“You’ll also need to dedicate some of your free time to look for offers and discounts.”
And what she buys and where she shops all depend on what the vouchers were for, so sometimes she has to visit a number of different shops to claim the vouchers.
Rosie even managed to get food for pets for free
Today Rosie is self-employed and makes money by walking dogs and being signed up to research apps and websites, so she doesn’t need to survive on £1 a day.
Yet she still tries to limit her shop to as little as possible.
For anyone who wants to cook cheap meals she advises to buy basic ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar and basic food tins as there are plenty of meals that use those ingredients.
Another trick is planning ahead and being vegetarian, she added: “People spent so much money on meat products, but a lot of alternative are cheaper and better for you too.”
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