This mayoral candidate’s position on Brexit is as clear as mud The Poke

This mayoral candidate's position on Brexit is as clear as mud The Poke

Although the pro-Leave lobby insists it knows exactly what was voted for in the binary referendum, and Labour insists nothing is off the table, there are a lot of people out there who don’t seem to have a clear position on Brexit. When ITV’s political correspondent for The North, Joe Pike, interviewed the Labour candidate for the mayoral election in North of Tyne, he asked him for his thoughts on Brexit and he got this answer.

“What we need is a Brexit that will deliver …We need a choice of whether we’re going to have a Brexit …
What we need is a clear Brexit option – there has not yet been one before Parliament.”

Joe: Are you pro or anti Brexit?

“I think you’re trying to simplify a question that is not simple.”


The verbal car crash seemed par for the course in these turbulent times.

Guardian podcast producer, Rachel Humphreys, had a stab at interpreting his answer.

Whilst fellow journalist Neil Barbour made a suggestion.

I’d say we can be absolutely certain of that.


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