This desperate week in Westminster has shamed the mother of Parliaments

This desperate week in Westminster has shamed the mother of Parliaments

THIS past week has shamed the mother of Parliaments.
The duplicity of the Labour party.  The democracy-denying attempts of ­hardcore remainers. The odious manoeuvring of the Speaker.
AFP or licensors Remain-supporting Mr Bercow was accused of casting aside the centuries-old tradition that he remain impartial
But above all, it is the lack of vision, ambition and optimism in Westminster that is so depressing.
Take the Chancellor’s spring statement. Did he, with a fiscal windfall, take the opportunity to slash taxes, supercharge the economy and give working people a break? He did not.
Was he embarrassed by the fact that under a Tory government the tax ­burden is at its highest for 70 years? No.
Instead, we got green energy tinkering and No Deal “threats” delivered with all the muscle of a spinach-deprived ­Popeye. But it’s not just him.
Getty Images – Getty Was the Chancellor embarrassed by the fact that under a Tory government the tax ­burden is at its highest for 70 years? No
Where are the big ideas for a reinvigorated economy? Who is making the case for free ports, enterprise zones, and a massive housebuilding programme?
Who is fighting for Britain to be the most open, globally-minded country in the world? Pushing the case for abolishing migration caps, and for genuinely liberal free trade policy?
MPs vote to reject holding a second Brexit referendum after Labour abstain
Who is pitching a vision of Britain in 2030 that is confident, renewed and ready to stand tall on a global stage?
The ideas are surely there. But they don’t seem to be coming from Cabinet, who — with a few exceptions — will soon return to the deserved obscurity from which they were so unwisely plucked.
The country is in desperate need of inspiration.
Show backbone
WE have got plenty of respect for the Brexiteers who have resisted backing the PM’s deal.
In an ideal world, we’d be right with them. But with this Speaker and this Parliament any hopes for a better one, or for a clean break, seem for the birds.
Getty – Contributor The ‘big beasts’ of the backbenches – such as Boris Johnson – must show some leadership
As James Forsyth says, the “big beasts” of the backbenches must show some leadership.
Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab and Iain Duncan Smith were leading lights of the Leave campaign, but by not backing the deal they are now imperilling the whole project. They won’t be forgiven.
Good card players know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.
Wise politicians must be no different.
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Darkest day
OUR hearts go out to those affected by the terrorist attack in Christchurch.
It was a devastating event, driven by an horrendous ideology. The horrific video spread around the world in a flash, and the tech giants of Google and Facebook seemed to barely lift a finger.
At least one gunman opened fire at two mosques in New Zealand – and live-streamed the slaughter on Facebook
No responsibility shown, no desire to make it right, nothing but half-baked apologies and weasel words.
The Home Secretary is right about the social media firms. Enough is enough.
New Zealand mosque hero ‘tackled gunman and grabbed his weapon before chasing him off’


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