Theresa May’s other mission besides Brexit was improving social mobility — that failed too

Theresa May's other mission besides Brexit was improving social mobility — that failed too

Poor job, PM
IMPROVING social mobility was Theresa May’s only mission besides Brexit. That has failed too.
The PM wanted “a country where it’s your talent and hard work that matter, not where you were born, who your parents are or what your accent sounds like”.
Reuters Theresa May’s other mission besides Brexit was improving social mobility — that failed too
Her first Social Mobility Commission quit in 2017 when no progress was made. Their replacements are equally damning.
None of it has happened. The rich-poor opportunity gap is the same.
Middle-class kids are still far more likely to get university places and well-paid jobs than working-class ones, regardless of their respective abilities.
Meanwhile many of Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Budget measures TOOK from the “just about managings” his boss claimed to be championing.
We don’t doubt Mrs May meant well. But was this mission for real?
Or, like so many of her speeches, just something to say to get through the week?
No-fry zone
ALONGSIDE Emma Thompson, eco hypocrites don’t come much grander than Ed “Two Kitchens” Miliband.
The millionaire Labour MP, head of a new “Environmental Justice Commission”, reckons climate change is “an emergency” requiring “a war footing”.
Evening Standard Bacon-loving Ed Miliband believes climate change is an ’emergency’ which requires ‘war footing’
He means new taxes to put people off flying. Poorer people, that is. Not Dame Emma. Nor Miliband — who flew to America, Italy, Spain and Iceland in the last year and can easily afford extra tax.
How, then, IS he doing his bit? Electric car? No. Solar panels? Come off it . . .  the crisis isn’t THAT urgent! No. Ed’s given up bacon. And if that can’t rapidly cut global temperatures and achieve “environmental justice”, what can?
Miliband insists we must all further cut our emissions to secure the “moral authority” to persuade China to do it too.
Our question being: Where’s his?
Fire her now
IF disgraced Fiona Onasanya is your MP, you have until 5pm today to help oust her.
About 7,000 Peterborough voters must sign the petition to force a by-election.
PA:Press Association Fiona Onasanya has no place making laws in our democracy
We don’t much care who wins the seat from her, as long as they represent its staunchly Leave majority.
All we know is an MP jailed for lying has no place making laws in our democracy.
Reprieve Roger
SPARE us the Housing Secretary’s mealy-mouthed regrets over firing Roger Scruton.
James Brokenshire buckled to a Twitter mob and sacked the blunt housing guru without even speaking to him.
Getty – Contributor Roger Scruton was hacked by the Housing Secretary without even speaking to him
But, given that we now know Scruton was misquoted by a hard-left hack, Brokenshire should stop back-pedalling and simply reinstate him today.
A bigger man would have done it already.
Theresa May becomes first Tory leader in 185 years to face emergency grassroots vote demanding her resignation


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