Theresa May’s furious attack on MPs is justified given the pressure on her

Theresa May's furious attack on MPs is justified given the pressure on her

Blame excuses
SPARE us the MPs’ hissy-fits over Theresa May’s justifiably furious attack on them. Why should they have a free pass?
Getty Images – Getty MPs shouldn’t have a free pass and the PM was right to attack them
We don’t blame the PM for seeing the red mist, given the unimaginable pressure on her and the utterly ­irresponsible way some politicians are behaving.
It is to her credit that she hasn’t already walked away — and is still determined to see Brexit through.
A majority of the Commons now seems to be in open defiance of the majority of voters. It is absurd to protest that this should not be pointed out.
Not to mention hypocritical of Labour MPs who routinely heap sanctimonious abuse on Mrs May and her party to complain they are in greater physical danger because she has had a go back.
Politicians gave the Brexit choice to the people, agreed to fulfil on it, then put their decision into law with a fixed departure date of March 29. Many intend to betray every single step.
Somewhere on their ignominious journey from “I will honour the referendum” to “I will NOT honour the referendum” they convinced themselves the latter is a respectable and even brave position.
It is neither. It is a shameful undermining of democracy and profoundly disrespectful to voters to break those promises, defeat the only available exit deal for reasons of tribal politics and even demand Brexit simply be scrapped.
MPs who do so can expect flak. No one should defend illegal abuse or threats — but short of that . . . grow a thicker skin. Or avoid social media, where most MPs waste too much time anyway.
One Labour MP will now vote against Mrs May’s deal . . . because she’s upset.
But if politicians think they can wreck Brexit and that voters, newspapers and, yes, even the Prime Minister will just suck it up they have another think coming.
Million moans
WHO cares if one million-plus Remoaners want to cancel Brexit? They always did.
PA:Press Association Celebrity Remoaners believe their views are more informed than the little people’s
Some 17.4million others voted to Leave when it mattered. They, plus millions of Remainers who respect democracy, know that decision must be enacted.
Celebrity Remoaners and the well-heeled europhiles of Oxford, Cambridge and Islington believe their views are more informed than the little people’s.
And yet they can’t count.
Clown Corbyn
LOOK at the great statesman Corbyn ­forging his own Brexit plan in Brussels yesterday. Let’s call it “Surrender Plus”.
PA:Press Association If you think Mrs May is bad just imagine Jeremy Corbyn in charge
He must be baffled why this is all so hard for Mrs May.
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You only have to promise the EU that, yes, we’ll happily stay forever in their customs union and never make a trade deal ourselves.
Hell, Labour might just cancel Brexit!
Think Mrs May’s bad? Imagine this clown in charge.
Theresa May refuses to rule out a No Deal Brexit as she arrives in Brussels to request an extension from EU


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