Theresa May’s exit is right for her and for Britain, Brexit will only happen now if enough MPs swallow their pride

Theresa May's exit is right for her and for Britain, Brexit will only happen now if enough MPs swallow their pride

SHE has always done her duty by her country. To her great credit, Theresa May did so again last night.
Her departure by the summer is right for her and for Britain.
The Mega Agency Theresa May’s decision to step down as Prime Minister is right for Britain
We hope it can also secure a majority for her Brexit deal.
Many harsh words have been said and written about the PM. Few have made sufficient allowances for the monumental task she had to take on and the impossible pressure she has endured.
Her dedication as a public servant cannot be doubted. Nor her determination to respect our democracy and the referendum majority — now being trampled on by Remainer MPs and their shameless Speaker John ­Bercow.
On Monday, The Sun called for Mrs May to stand down. She has reluctantly agreed it is the right course.
The social justice mission she long dreamed of was consumed by Brexit and is over. But she has sacrificed herself in a bid to win round her backbenchers — and it is vital they now compromise too.
No, they don’t like her deal. Nor do we, very much. But if it does not pass, Brexit will be watered down to nothing or stopped.
Remainers have given up even pretending to honour 17.4million votes, the biggest mandate in our history.
They are so close to reversing the referendum result — and destroying trust in our democracy. Almost every option works for them except Mrs May’s deal.
That’s why they and Bercow want it dead at any cost — even if their supposedly unbiased Speaker has to bend or break every Parliamentary rule to prevent the Commons expressing its will.
We hope the ERG realises what peril Brexit is now in.
Its stalwarts — Steve Baker, Dominic Raab, Mark Francois, Peter Bone and others — have fought the good fight. They should now heed fellow Brexiteers — such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, Vote Leave’s staffers and, yes, The Sun — and take the win.
Mrs May’s deal is as good as it will get. If Brexit is destroyed, they will be partly to blame. There are no extra points for purity.
History will record that after all those decades of effort they helped kill it off for another generation.
The deal must get a new vote, especially after last night’s embarrassing exercise in futility saw MPs reject all eight options in their series of indicative votes.
The Government must find a way round Bercow . . . whatever it takes. This is a critical decision for Britain.
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It is unarguably in the national interest to prevent its appalling sabotage by one egomaniacal individual who is plainly out of control and driven by his personal views.
And then the ERG, plus sensible Labour backbenchers not driven solely by party politics, must vote for it. We also hope the DUP change their mind.
Brexit will only happen now if enough MPs swallow their pride and stand up, as Mrs May has, for our democracy.
AFP or licensors The PMs respect for our democracy is being trampled on by Remainer MPs and Speaker John ­Bercow
Reuters Former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab is expected to run for Prime Minister when Theresa May steps down
Getty Images – Getty Jacob Rees-Mogg agreed to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal over fears of no Brexit at all
PM Theresa May confirms that she’ll quit as Prime Minister if MPs approve her Brexit deal



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