Theresa May’s Cabinet told they cannot afford a General Election in bombshell warning from party chief

Theresa May's Cabinet told they cannot afford a General Election in bombshell warning from party chief

THERESA MAY’s Cabinet were told the party cannot currently afford a General Election – in a bombshell warning from the Tory chief.
Sir Mick Davis – a mining billionaire – told Ministers the party’s cash crunch meant it would have to raise a fortune from donors it wanted to go to the polls.
2019 Getty Images Theresa May’s Cabinet has been warned that the party may not be able to afford a General Election
One source said: “There were lots of reasons given why we don’t want to go to the polls – but the point about finances was pretty stark.”
It came amid separate claims from one senior Tory yesterday that the Conservatives would only be able to afford “one leaflet” if it was forced into European Elections this May.
Reports last week claimed the Conservatives had just £1.5 million left in the bank – and donors were refusing to give money until a new leader replaces Theresa May.
Sir Mick – who made his fortune a mining giant Xstrata – himself donated £295,500 in the last quarter of 2018. Some claimed he was also having to dip into his personal wealth to help top up staff wages at Conservative HQ.
The Financial Times last week said the party generated £26 million in 2018 but spent £25 million.
Party chair Brandon Lewis is said to have spent £5 million alone hiring a team of campaign managers for marginal seats following the disastrous 2017 election.
Mr Lewis took Sir Mick to a meeting of the Tory 1922 Committee last month – urging Brexiteer MPs to get behind the Prime Minister for the sake of the party.
Senior Tories are separately warning the Brexit chaos has sparked a mutiny among grassroots activists critical to ground operations during an Election.
Some candidates are believed to have even refused to stand in the upcoming Council Elections on May 2.
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Yesterday it emerged the chairman of the Canterbury Conservative Association, Greg Barker, tore into Theresa May’s “unedifying, infuriating and destructive” approach over Brexit in an email to local members.
He stormed: “I am as angry as anyone about events in Westminster this week.”
The Sun last month revealed the Tories fear losing 1,000 councillors in a drubbing at the ballot box.
Reuters Party chair Brandon Lewis spent £5million on the disastrous 2017 election campaign
Getty Images – Getty Greg Barker called Theresa May’s approach to Brexit ‘unedifying, infuriating and destructive’
PM Theresa May insists the House of Commons has to find a way to deliver Brexit



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