Theresa May vows to stamp out ‘Purple Momentum’ in the Tory ranks to stop further defections

Theresa May vows to stamp out 'Purple Momentum' in the Tory ranks to stop further defections

THERESA MAY vowed to stamp out the rise of “Purple Momentum” in Tory ranks yesterday as she moved to stop any more defections.
Writing to the ‘Three Disagrees’ – Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen and Sarah Wollaston – who quit on Wednesday she insisted the Tories were “open hearted” and “moderate”.
The Mega Agency Theresa May wrote a letter to the three MPs who defected  to The Independent Group
And she said the three were wrong to “draw parallels” between the hard-left taking over Labour and right-wingers and UKIP members infiltrating the Conservatives.
Some MPs claim membership in their constituencies has gone up by as much as 20 per cent – as ex-UKIP voters join to vote for arch Brexiteers in any future Tory leadership contest.
Mrs May said: “An open, broad party should always welcome new members and supporters with a range of views. However the party chairman and local associations must ensure that people who are joining our party support the values and objectives of the Conservative Party.”
The letter came as ex-Ministers Philip Lee and Justine Greening were called in for separate face-to-face talks with the PM amid fears they could be the next to join the breakaway ‘Independent Group’.
Just hours earlier, Ms Greening admitted she had considered leaving but “have reached a different conclusion for the moment”.
Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve on Thursday night said he too could walk if the Government pursue a No Deal Brexit.
Speaking before the PM’s letter, Chancellor Philip Hammond denied the “small, hard core” of hardline Brexiteers hadn’t won – and mustn’t be allowed to “drag us away from the necessity of compromise”.
Ms Soubry came under attack from Brexit-backing voters yesterday as she held a phone-in on LBC Radio. A furious caller labelled her “two faced” for demanding a People’s Vote but refusing to hold a by-election now she’s left the Tory party.
Ms Soubry separately refused to rule out backing the PM’s Brexit deal if it came down to a choice of that or a No Deal.
Tory backbencher Nadine Dorries tore into Ms Soubry and the other defectors yesterday – labelling them “con merchants”. She said they should all now agree to hold a by-election as they were elected in 2017 as Conservatives.
Rex Features Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen and Sarah Wollaston left the Tory party on Wednesday
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She stormed: “Not one of the three amigos holds a shred of principle between them and are now political takers and imposters.
“Not one of their constituents voted for independent representation in the 17 election they voted Conservative.
“It is time to change the law to introduce automatic recall should an MP abuse the public trust and vote in the way these three con merchants have.”

Split 11 offer to May
THE 11 splitters yesterday offered to prop up Theresa May in No10 — if she holds another Brexit referendum.
Defector Gavin Shuker said the MPs want to supplant the ten DUP politicians as the Tory party’s “confidence and supply” partners.
But the PM would have to promise another vote, which could thwart Brexit.
Labour’s Mr Shuker said ­Theresa May’s de facto deputy, David Lidington, turned down the plan last month.
No10 said the PM would not accept any deal which involved a second Brexit vote.

Three Tory Remainer MPs QUIT and join The Independent Group rebels plunging Theresa May into crisis as PM’s majority slashed


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