Theresa May stuns MPs by using Compare The Meerkat slogan ‘simples’ to sell her Brexit deal

Theresa May stuns MPs by using Compare The Meerkat slogan 'simples' to sell her Brexit deal

THERESA May stunned MPs yesterday by quoting the famous meerkats off the TV ads as she claimed her Brexit strategy was “simples”.
SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford accused the PM of wasting nine days of parliamentary time after she announced she was giving MPs a vote on delaying Brexit.
AFP or licensors The Prime Minister described her Brexit deal as ‘simples’
Mrs May hit back by saying: “If he wants to end the uncertainty, then he should vote for a deal. Simples.”
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Labour MP Rupa Huq tweeted: “Theresa Meerkat just stunned the Commons by Maybot malfunction in stating it’s her deal or no deal then concluding ‘simples’.”
Fellow Labour backbencher Liz McInnes wrote: “Yes, Theresa May did just respond ‘Simples’ in the Brexit statement.
“Theresa Meerkat is now in charge. God help us.”
Handout Opponents poked fun at her nod to the characters — one of whom is called Maiya

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