Theresa May must now accept the game is up and announce a departure date

Theresa May must now accept the game is up and announce a departure date

Roadblock May
NOT before time, there are some signs of life emerging in the Tory party.
With leadership hopefuls talking up tax cuts on the one hand and promising to reinvigorate “One Nation” Conservative thinking on the other, it’s possible to see a vision for Britain.
Getty Images – Getty It’s time for Theresa May to give in and announce her departure date
The current Prime Minister, sadly, doesn’t seem to have much of one.
It’s not entirely her fault that her party and her Government have been holed below the waterline by endless Brexit battles.
The EU has done her no favours with its inflexibility, and the backbench hardliners determined to “deliver Brexit” by voting against it at every turn haven’t helped either.
But the truth is we have a caretaker in No10, and Britain is suffering because of it.
A potential deal with Jeremy Corbyn reeks of an administration that has run out of road.
Mrs May must now accept the game is up and announce a departure date.
Only then can the desperately needed battle of ideas about what the Tory party is — and who it is for — begin.
On your Marx
IF the Marxists take over Downing Street, we can’t say we weren’t warned.
There’s no ambiguity about Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour’s plan to nationalise the water industry is straight out of the hard left textbook
The latest wheeze — to nationalise the water industry, at wildly discounted rates — is straight out of the hard left textbook.
It’s not just that nationalising major industries at the click of a finger will deter investment, lead to higher prices in the long run and send a horrific message to international businesses.
It’s the fact that it’s basically theft. You can’t simply take something off somebody and refuse to pay them the proper price.
Nobody will shed a tear for the handsomely paid CEOs in Corbyn’s line of fire. But the damage will be felt by all of us. It is a matter of urgency that the Tory party wakes up to the threat.
We are perilously close to finding out what socialism looks like in the 21st century — not in Venezuela but here at home.

Cells to soldiers
OUR military is renowned the world over as an elite fighting and humanitarian force.
Such professionalism is only possible because of a structure of hard work and discipline in training and beyond.
Corbis – Getty In a move straight out of The Dirty Dozen soldiers have visited criminals in prison to try to get them to join the Army
So the plan to encourage lags behind bars into the Army is a welcome one indeed.
The values that run through our services are exactly the sort of thing that many a tearaway needs.
We hope that the Army gives them a chance, if they put in the hard yards, to turn their life around.
And go from harming Britain to helping it.
Brit Armed Forces team to spend six days driving through mountains and Sahara desert in ‘one of world’s toughest rallies’


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