Theresa May must know precisely what she is demanding from the EU following her Commons victory

Theresa May must know precisely what she is demanding from the EU following her Commons victory

WHAT an amazing night for Theresa May.
After a crushing defeat a fortnight ago, she has won a vote sending her back to Brussels with a firm mandate to demand more from the Brexit deal.
PA:Press Association Theresa May enjoyed an amazing victory in the Commons and now has a firm mandate to demand more from the Brexit deal
The EU can stonewall all it likes. But every binding Remainer motion to impede or delay Brexit was defeated.
And there is no point Brussels bleating about the Withdrawal Agreement being set in stone. We know it isn’t. Some EU figures have admitted it isn’t. They could tweak the text, time-limit the backstop or find another solution.
They choose not to. And they will stick to that as long as they believe Parliament’s Remainers will ultimately strip the Government of its only negotiating leverage, the threat to just walk away.
Remainers, some in Cabinet, may well yet do that. Nonetheless last night should sow doubt in Brussels’ minds.
The victorious Brady amendment demands a vital, legally binding change to the Irish backstop before the PM’s deal can pass, just as The Sun called for. Even a dejected Corbyn has conceded he now needs to talk to Mrs May.
The PM needs to know precisely what she’s demanding from Brussels — and we’re far from confident the EU will see reason. It is still more likely Brexit will be delayed, softened to a point that could tear the Tories apart or halted.
But, after last night’s staggering turnaround, who knows?
Boot her out
Corbynista MP Fiona Onasanya is a liar and crook richly deserving of a jail term far longer than three months.
She must resign immediately. If not, her Peterborough constituents should sign the petition needed to oust her.
PA:Press Association Labour MP Fiona Onasanya has been jailed for three months after lying to escape speeding points
We are baffled why the ex-Labour whip and solicitor received such leniency. Having a “hectic and chaotic” career and even a recent multiple sclerosis diagnosis are not defences against lying your way out of a speeding ticket.
MPs are thrown out of office automatically only if jailed for a year or more. But any prison term should be enough. How can a politician caged for flouting the law ever make laws in Parliament?
Onasanya shamelessly denied the offence, compared herself to Christ and intends to appeal while clinging on to her £77,000-a-year job.
The public must take the option away.
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Green’s shame
Tycoon Philip Green is a bully and a ­disgrace who should lose his knighthood. Having abandoned a gagging order case against the Daily Telegraph, he is still trying to strong-arm ex-staff into silence over sex claims against him.
One woman was served an “intimidating” legal letter at her home. That is outrageous from a man already a pariah over his role in the collapse of BHS. Why is Green still a Sir?
PA:Press Association Philip Green is attempting to silence ex-staff members and stop them revealing sex claims against him
Theresa May wins vote demanding EU give us a better Brexit deal after Brexiteers hand her last lifeline


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