Theresa May MUST go immediately after her Brexit deal’s final defeat in June

Theresa May MUST go immediately after her Brexit deal's final defeat in June

THE Tories’ choice as their new leader and Prime Minister is simpler than they think.
Which is good — because Britain does not have the luxury of a three-month delay while they agonise over it.
PA:Press Association May MUST go immediately after her deal’s final defeat in early June
The two greatest dangers this country faces are these: Corbyn’s vicious anti-Semitic hard-left extremists winning power by default via a Tory implosion.
And the collapse of public trust in our democracy via Brexit being thwarted — either by MPs agreeing a second referendum (sewn up for Remain, naturally), or by them simply revoking Article 50.
For now our domestic woes come third. And on those any leader will improve on the shameful paralysis under Theresa May. So for Tories it boils down to this:
Who can best run rings around Corbyn and convince voters to cast him and his Marxist-Communist cronies back to the shadows? And who, by the next election, can lure back millions of Farage supporters by delivering a meaningful Brexit?
PA:Press Association Corbyn’s Marxist-Communist extremists and Brexit being foiled are the greatest dangers this country faces
If Cabinet “soft Brexit” Remainers nostalgic for the Cameron era think they tick these boxes they are between delusional and unhinged. Brexit and the Corbyn menace changed everything.
But Tory chairman Brandon Lewis will need to sort this far more rapidly than he expects. Mrs May MUST go immediately after her deal’s final defeat in early June — and Lewis must have her replacement in power by early July.
Our future is on a knife-edge. The Tories must make the right choice . . . but fast.
Plot thick ’uns
STILL they cannot or will not grasp it.
Remainiac politicians and their pet journos are desperate to destroy Nigel Farage and to attribute his party’s soaring ratings to anything but the obvious.
PA:Press Association Remainiac politicians and their pet journos are desperate to destroy Nigel Farage
But no, it is not down to millionaire mates, Russian cash, “lies”, racism or any of the other conspiracy theories idiotic tinfoil-hatted hacks try to pin on him.
We voted to leave the EU. We haven’t. And we haven’t changed our minds.
The Tories have given up. Labour, as we long ago predicted, have finally caved to the second referendum brigade and, too late, become a Remain Party. The useless, vacuous Lib-Dems are hoovering up Remainer protest votes.
But, guess what? A Brexit Party with a simple message and the best campaign leads polls everywhere but Scotland.
For everyone outside Westminster’s Remoaner bubble, it’s not hard to see why.
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You fruit loops
YET more proof the Tories lost their minds over the sugar tax they put on fizzy drinks.
Scientists now say fruit juice, which was exempted, is just as bad for you because it often contains more sugar.
PA:Press Association The sugar tax Tories put on fizzy drinks is yet more proof they have lost their minds
Will the Government’s health zealots admit defeat and reverse their pointless tax on pop? Or stick a similarly punitive and ludicrous levy on orange juice?
We doubt it. They’ll just ignore it, as with all other inconvenient evidence.
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