Theresa May doesn’t have the courage for a No Deal, Brexit barrels towards global humiliation and the EU holds all the cards

Theresa May doesn't have the courage for a No Deal, Brexit barrels towards global humiliation and the EU holds all the cards

Bungled Brexit
ALMOST three years on from our historic Brexit vote, we are close to global humiliation. The EU holds nearly all the cards.
Theresa May is begging to extend the March 29 deadline. Brussels may demand the softest possible Brexit in exchange.
AFP or licensors As Theresa May begs for an extension to March 29 Brussels demands the softest exit possible
The PM could of course head for No Deal, as half the country wants. But she lacks the guts. And Parliament is ready to defy voters and our inconvenient ­referendum verdict to stop her anyway.
The Tory ERG holdouts should take a good look at themselves. If we end up with no Brexit or a supersoft version — Corbyn is already plotting one that even surrenders border controls — it will now be largely their fault.
Getty Images – Getty If the ERG keep holding out then Corbyn could get his Brexit which surrenders our borders
Unless, that is, MPs override the appalling Speaker Bercow and approve the PM’s deal at its third airing. It will be the last chance to avoid capitulation.
The last chance for a generation of feeble politicians to do their duty by our democracy and the 17.4million majority.
Jobs miracle
THE staggering new figures on jobs and pay make a mockery of Remainer gloom.
Employment, mostly full-time, soaring to a new record. The highest percentage in work since 1943. The lowest unemployment since the mid-1970s. Wages up 3.4 per cent, well over inflation.
Getty – Contributor Employment is at its highest level since WWII despite Brexit fears
Panic grips Westminster, but not our economy. And, while the Tories look broken, they created the conditions for this jobs boom — and for now are preventing Corbyn’s mob from destroying it.
And there is hope yet when some, like Cabinet minister Liz Truss, still admirably champion core Tory values: Lower taxes, better public services and an end to the nanny state claptrap Mrs May is taken in by.
Politicians who cut costs for families and businesses, stand up for free enterprise and ensure strong policing and defence will always attract support.
There are no Tory votes in virtue- signalling and hectoring us over what we eat or throw away.
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PCs gone mad
COPS are so short-handed they cannot cope with soaring knife crime. So why is a vicar’s wife claiming they intend to quiz her under caution for “misgendering”?
Caroline Farrow called a mum’s transgender daughter her “son” on TV, as she has not yet had a sex change.
Alamy Police wasting time on a vicars wife mild transgender slur is a bigger slur on use of police forces
Blunt, maybe. But millions would agree. And it is NOT police business.
Sara Thornton, head of the nation’s chief constables, rightly says the public “expect the basics”. That forces must “solve more burglaries and bear down on violence before we make more records of incidents that are not crimes”.
Did Surrey Police not read the memo?
Or are they too busy buckling to politically correct Twitter offence-seekers?


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