Theresa May continues to ignore furious voters by begging Jeremy Corbyn to do a Brexit deal

Theresa May continues to ignore furious voters by begging Jeremy Corbyn to do a Brexit deal

MILLIONS of furious voters last week sent Theresa May a flashing red warning: “Stop treating us like fools.” Not for the first time, she has decided to ignore them.
Having led this nation to the brink of Brexit anarchy, the PM will instead connive with her nastiest enemy to stitch up her own party . . . and Leave voters across the country.
Theresa May continues to ignore furious voters by begging Jeremy Corbyn to do a Brexit deal
Theresa May is now working her notice with no authority as PM
“Let’s do a deal,” she begs Jeremy Corbyn — who aims to destroy the Tories, undermine the Western way of life and turn Britain into a Marxist state.
Talks on her “deal” — Brexit in Name Only, or “BRINO” — have already handed this anti-Semitic class-warrior undeserved status as a responsible political player.
An agreement this week might save them both being put to the sword by Nigel Farage in looming European elections.
For if Thursday’s town-hall polls were a richly deserved bloodbath, May 23 will be their Armageddon.
The idea that Mrs May would rely on hundreds of Labour MPs to ram BRINO though Parliament is poisonous not just to her Brexit-supporting Tories but to voters across all parties.
She will never be forgiven, in Farage’s damning words, “if she builds a coalition against the people”.
Nor will those Cabinet ministers who believe any old Brexit is better than none. Nobody trusts Mrs May and for good reason. She has broken too many promises.
She insisted we would leave the EU customs union which sets our trade policy and our tariffs with other countries.
Now she is ready to tear up this pledge, leaving Britain in limbo with no say and no gain. We will also abandon hard-won trade-union reforms and accept the sort of red tape that has seen EU joblessness rates soar.
The PM is being pressed to allow a second referendum — rejected, until now, as a total betrayal of the first one.
Will she go wobbly on this promise, too?
The stark truth is that Mrs May should not even be in charge of talks.
She is now working her notice with no authority as PM. She should have been kicked out after her catastrophic general election shambles.
Jezza has also upset voters by putting his Downing Street ambitions and a hunger for a general election ahead of the national interest.
Voters knew exactly what they were doing last week when they gave a V-sign to both parties. They will give them an even bigger kicking if the EU poll goes ahead later this month.
Parliament has failed. MPs have defied the will of the people by refusing to enact the democratic choice made in 2016 to leave the European Union.
Voters will use Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party as a stick to beat them with.
Farage is a much more challenging figure this time round.
The slightly raffish former merchant banker has grown out of his “cheeky chappie” Ukip image. He is now electable. Fed-up punters, both Tory and Labour, will vote for him in their millions.
Unless the Tories wake up very quickly, dump Mrs May and pick a genuine pro-Brexit leader, he will be fielding a party of his own MPs in Parliament after the next election.
The Brexit Party will have its first MP in just a month’s time if Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister Annunziata wins the Peterborough by-election on June 6. Smug Remainers should now see how much they are out of step with the great British majority.
The likes of Anna “Suck It Up” Soubry and co-conspirator Dominic Grieve will pay the price as their Change UK party sinks without trace, swamped by a pro-Brexit surge.
Pro-EU Lib Dems are a phantom party, led by ghostly Vince Cable, a bolt-hole for voters who can stomach neither Labour nor Tory.
Cynics claim this is the end of the two-party system.
Labour, under its present leadership, certainly cannot win on its own.
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People are fed up with Brexit. They want it sorted. More than half the adult population want Out.
This is natural Tory territory. All it needs is a decent leader.
Right now, voters think ex-Tory Nigel Farage is the best on offer.
Voters will use the Brexit Party as a stick to beat the Westminster establishment with
The PM is conniving with her nastiest enemy, Jeremy Corbyn, to stitch up her own party and Leave voters
Project Fear culprit caught outBANK Of England stooge and arch-Remainer Mark Carney has been caught short again. It was Carney who led Project Fear warnings about economic meltdown if we voted Out.Now, despite Brexit, the economy is growing too fast and stoking inflation.It seems we employ too many people and pay them too much.How very un-European. Interest rates must rise.After Brexit, booming Britain will be a magnet for foreign investment. A stable government and a decent Prime Minister would set this country up as one of Europe’s few successful, prosperous and growing economies.One reason they don’t want us to leave.

What is Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party?


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