Theresa May brought duty, courage and patriotism, but it just wasn’t enough

Theresa May brought duty, courage and patriotism, but it just wasn't enough

YOU would need a very hard heart to not be moved by Theresa May’s resignation speech.
Theresa has long been derided as the Maybot — a cold, unfeeling automaton who doesn’t really do human empathy. But standing in the sunshine outside 10 Downing Street on Friday, she seemed all too human, all too vulnerable, painfully fragile.
Getty Images – Getty Theresa has long been derided as the Maybot, but on Friday she seemed all too human, vulnerable, and fragile
Many will mock the tears of Theresa. Not me. She held it together right to the end, then it all fell apart when she talked about her love for this country.
You would need a very hard heart — and small brain — to doubt that love, that patriotism, that sense of duty.
Theresa May seemed — lest we forget — like the perfect choice to lead the Tories (and the country) in the messy aftermath of Brexit.
Here was a reluctant, pragmatic Remainer — yes, she campaigned to stay in the EU but with none of the mouth-foaming, eye-swivelling ideological fanaticism of, say, George Osborne.
I never doubted that she loved this country. And even after the cock-up she has made of Brexit, I still don’t doubt her patriotism.
Brexit destroyed Theresa May, but Brexit is not top of the agenda for the next Tory leaderTony Parsons
And Theresa had one thing that David Cameron lacked. A spine.
But everything she brought to the table — her duty, her courage, her patriotism — was not enough.
What she shared with Cameron was her wish to treat the European Union as our friends even when they were treating this nation with total disrespect, even when it was clear that the EU wants to see a post-Brexit UK on its knees.
And now the circus must move on. The most important thing for the Tory party’s new leader is NOT implementing Brexit but stopping a neo-Marxist,
Jew-baiting, economically-illiterate Labour Party from running this great country into the ground.
In or out of the EU, this country will ultimately prosper.
If the Brexit that 17.4million of us voted for is not achievable, and if we can’t have a Brexit that is actually worthy of the name, then our political class need to find the guts to call it off.
Brexit destroyed Theresa May. But, strange to say, Brexit is NOT top of the agenda for the next Tory leader.
The next Tory leader must be chosen on the basis of facing Jeremy Corbyn in a general election.
And giving him a bloody good hiding.
Taking on ‘losers’ is a low blow
TYSON FURY has told heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua to “get his nuts out of (promoter) Eddie Hearn’s handbag” and fight a serious opponent.
This is a bit rich coming from the Gypsy King, who fights a German nonentity called Tom Schwarz in Las Vegas next month when the world wants to see him have a rematch with Deontay Wilder.
Reuters It’s a bit rich for the Gypsy King to tell Joshua to fight a serious opponent when he’s fighting a nonentity as well
Wilder had an easy-peasy first-round KO against Dominic Breazeale last weekend. Fury will have the same kind of victory against Schwarz.
Joshua will flatten roly-poly Andy Ruiz when he fights the fat man on June 1. Unless AJ is foolish enough to get in front of Ruiz at the buffet.
After Fury and Wilder fought a thrilling draw last December, boxing seemed poised on the edge of a new golden age not seen since the glory days of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and George Foreman.
But all the heavyweight champs are fighting fat nobodies when they should be fighting each other.
Tyson Fury just challenged Deontay Wilder to a bare-knuckle fight in Times Square.
Joshua is 25-1 ON to beat roly-poly Ruiz, while Fury is 50-1 ON to flatten Schwarz. Boxing is a spectacularly dangerous sport and nobody can
begrudge great fighters setting themselves up for life. But where’s the danger? Where’s the risk?
This is not boxing. This is the bum-of-the-month club.
If Dr Wolverson is struck off then it’s official, this country is stark raving insaneDR Keith Wolverson is the GP who has been suspended after asking a Muslim mother to remove her niqab so that he could understand what she was saying about her ill young daughter.And if Dr Wolverson, a GP for 23 years, is struck off by the General Medical Council because he was attempting to act in the best interests of a sick child, then it will be official.
This country will be stark raving insane.

Don’t cast your milkshake – cast your vote
THE results for the EU elections will be announced after 10pm tonight but here is some breaking news – throwing milkshakes does not work.
Not the milkshake that was thrown at Don MacNaughton, an 81-year-old ex-Para, because he was wearing a sky-blue Brexit Party rosette as he stood outside a polling booth in Aldershot.
Getty Images – Getty Despite the milkshakes, the Brexit Party are all set to win a landslide victory at the EU elections
And not the milkshake thrown at Brexit Party supremo Nigel Farage as he ­campaigned in Newcastle.
And what fun to humiliate an 81-year-old man who served this country.
What jolly japes to humiliate someone you disagree with.
But if you have worn the red beret of the Paras, it takes more than a milkshake to scare you.
“I didn’t mind because it was my favourite flavour!” laughs Don MacNaughton.
This lovely old solider may laugh it off but what a sickening state of affairs that our national debate has sunk so low.
I can’t stand Jeremy Corbyn but I don’t want to see him covered in milkshake. I want to see his arguments destroyed in open debate.
Throwing a milkshake at someone is the act of a bully.
Despite the milkshakes, the Brexit Party are all set to win a landslide victory at the EU elections.
And there is a lesson for our divided country. Don’t cast your milkshake – cast your vote.
Drogon ran out of puff
THE great objection to the finale of Game Of Thrones was that Daenerys Targaryen acted out of character.
Fans were mortified that the Mother of Dragons became a murderous, eye-swivelling dictator bent on conquering the world just at the moment she should have been taking adorable selfies on the Iron Throne.
Alamy Fans may not have liked how it went down for Daenerys Targaryen, but really we should have seen this coming – the only one who acted out of turn was Drogon
But every despot in history shared exactly that crazed vision of liberating the world by burning much of it down.
Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys, has said she studied footage of Hitler before shooting her victory speech in the smouldering rubble of King’s Landing.
Even when Daenerys was snuggling in the arms of  Jon Snow, we really should have seen this coming.
Wanting to rule the world is the first sign of madness.
The character who was definitely not himself in the finale was Drogon, Dany’s last surviving dragon.
The big scaly guy reacted to Jon’s assassination of Daenerys by burning the  Iron throne, rather than incinerating the bastard (although it turned out  Jon Snow wasn’t a bastard after all) who killed his beloved mother.
Really? Drogon always struck me as the sort of dragon who would burn you alive for spilling his pint.
Thank you, Judith Kerr
JUDITH KERR, the author and illustrator of the children’s classic The Tiger Who Came To Tea, has died at the age of 95.
And the reason Judith’s death sparked such an outpouring of mourning is because The Tiger Who Came To Tea was a book that charmed generations.
Thank you, Judith Kerr, for sprinkling magic dust on the childhoods of my children
You don’t just read a children’s book once, of course. If a child loves the story, then you read it dozens, perhaps hundreds, of times – as I read The
Tiger Who Came To Tea for my son and then my daughter.
Thank you, Judith Kerr. You sprinkled magic dust on the childhoods of my children, and millions of children just like them.
There will be Martians if we’re to have a futurePROFESSOR Brian Cox says humans will have to become Martians when we have exhausted resources on our own planet.“There is nowhere else that humans can go to begin their step outwards from the planet,” the physicist told the Radio Times. “There may not be Martians now but there will be Martians if we are to have a future.”
Wouldn’t it be much easier just to stop poisoning our own planet?

Niki Lauda is the definition of courage
NIKI LAUDA has died at the age of 70. Against all the odds, the Austrian lived 25 years longer than his great rival, James Hunt, dead of a heart attack at just 45.
For every day of those 25 years, Lauda lived with the horrific consequences of sitting in a burning Ferrari at the German Grand Prix in 1976.
Reuters Niki Lauda passed away at the age of 70, outliving his greatest rival by 25 years
Only last summer, he endured a double-lung transplant.
In the dictionary next to the definition of courage, there should be a photo of Niki Lauda’s face.
How can a Bond movie be jinxed when it stars Ana de Armas?
THE next James Bond movie – currently entitled Bond 25 – has had a bumpy ride.
Grumpy old Daniel Craig said he would rather “slash his wrists” than ever play Bond again.
Kobal Collection – Shutterstock Bond 25, schedules for April 2020, boasts the most spectacular Bond girl since Ursula Andress
A massive pay packet changed his mind. Then original director Danny Boyle quit.
Then Fleabag creator Phoebe-Waller Bridge was brought in to liven up the script. And now Craig is having ankle surgery after hurting himself chasing baddies.
The good news is that Bond 25, scheduled for April 2020, boasts the most spectacular Bond girl since Ursula Andress emerged from the sea in Dr No.
‘IT MAKES ME CRY’ My £1k wig hides grey, broken hair – and here’s what I REALLY look like ExclusiveHUG IT OUT Sex-positive journalist says cuddling DESTROYS sex lives… and she should know CommentBED NEWS If you have one of these SIX things in your bedroom you’re ‘common’ CommentGRIN AND BARE IT Writer who was mortified by nudity reveals how she has learned to love it CommentDEBORAH JAMES Rachael died of cancer she didn’t ‘lose a battle’, she’s taught me how to die ‘TIRED, SNOBBY AND BORING’ Why I HATE International Women’s Day… and others don’t care too
How can any Bond movie be jinxed when it features Ana de Armas, right?
Apparently an “intimacy co-ordinator” is being hired to help out with the sex scenes between Ana and 007.
I wonder what the money’s like? Asking for a friend.
Getty Images – Getty An ‘intimacy co-ordinator’ is being hired to help out with the sex scenes between Ana and 007
Health Secretary Matt Hancock joins Tory leadership race for Prime Minister



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