There’s an ASMR tutorial video on how to shave your balls and it’s totally nuts The Poke

There's an ASMR tutorial video on how to shave your balls and it's totally nuts The Poke

If you haven’t heard of ASMR, firstly – where have you been? – and secondly, your mind is about to be blown. ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response”, and it refers to the pleasurable sensation people can get from watching or listening to something, as opposed to being touched. A lot of it involves slow, quiet, repetitive movements and sounds, with whispering being very popular, or stroking microphones to give a vaguely white noise-like effect.

Lynx – the grooming products company – has issued a series of ASMR tutorials on proper shaving techniques, and hands down the strangest is the one about shaving the scrotum – or the nut sack, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. It’s blurred in the sensitive area – which you might also be if you don’t shave correctly, apparently.

As opening gambits go,

“Hello. I’m here to show you how to shave your bean bag in the shower – how to get your little furry nut sack as fresh as the day you were born.”

is something of a zinger – especially when delivered in a soothing whisper.

The ‘Feels as smooth as it sounds’ slogan is not something I’d ever have expected to see applied to a man’s shaven balls – nor have I wanted to, but it’s a clever campaign, getting in on the ASMR craze, the genuinely curious and the “WTF is this about?” brigade – tag yourself, I’m with the WTF crowd.

YouTube users have been enjoying the video – and it isn’t just men.

Our main worry about this is that someone might try to follow the instructions and fall asleep – doesn’t bear thinking about.


Source: YouTube


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