The Walking Dead season 9

The Walking Dead season 9

THE Walking Dead is gearing up for its big end of season 9 finale.
We take you through the big moments of the penultimate episode, and what you can expect from the series final.
The Walking Dead season nine is coming to a close
1) The Charter is signed
Everyone unites at the fair with Ezekiel giving a speech about joining to celebrate their accomplishments and friendships.
Not everyone is in a celebratory mood however, particularly Tara who is angry Lydia was granted asylum by Alexandria.
Michonne points out that Lydia chose to abandon her mother, and Tara herself was once deemed untrustworthy after her stint on the Governor’s firing squad.
Tara relents when the groups offer soldiers to protect Hilltop, and Michonne proposes a “mutual protection pact.”
Ezekiel surprises her by producing Michonne’s long abandoned charter and all four communities sign the charter, united for the first time since Rick’s disappearance.
The penultimate episode saw everyone meeting at the fair
2)Everyone reunites at the fair
The fair sees the characters happy and relaxed for once.
Ezekiel and Carol are pleased to see Henry again, and are stunned when he takes a date to the cinema like a normal teenage.
Rosita (Christian Serratos) has a touching moment with Eugene, thanking him for helping to save her relationship with Gabriel.
The charter was signed in epsiode 15
3) Alpha enters as ‘Debbie’
Things soon take a dark turn when Alpha, the head of The Whisperers, turns up wearing Hilde’s dress and hair.
She walks through the fair, listening to every conversation and gathering information on her enemies.
She then introduces herself to Ezekiel as ‘Debbie’.
Alpha is there to find her daughter Lydia, who has turned her back on The Whisperers.
Lydia orders her mother to leave her new friends alone.
Alpha is shocked and angered, telling Lydia, “You’re not one of us. You never were.”
© 2018 AMC Film Holdings LLC. All Rights Reserved. The Whisperers’ Alpha’s gory cull is sure to send out a clear message to the survivors to not cross the new border
4) Take those prisoners
Next Michonne, Carol, Daryl and Yumiko all set out to help reinforce Hilltop’s defenses.
On the way they discover Highwayman Ozzy inspecting Hilde’s overturned cart with his men.
They are soon surrounded by walkers, but the foursome quickly defeats them.
Unfortunately, the group is not able to defeat an army of swarming Whisperers and they are tied up as prisoners.
Night falls and Alpha emerges wiping blood off her machete.
Winter is coming in the series finale
5) Welcome to Pike Place
The prisoners are released and they make their way to Alpha’s border as the sun rises.
Along the way they encounter Siddiq tied to a tree who is in great distress.
To their horror, the border is marked by a series of ten pikes, each with a severed head atop it.
The camera pans to reveal the heads of Ozzy, his lieutenant Alek, former Saviors Frankie and DJ, Tammy Rose, Addy, Rodney, Enid, Tara, and Henry.
Daryl tries to shield Carol’s eyes from her son’s head, but it’s too late.
Later that day, everyone reconvenes at the fair, and Siddiq addresses the crowd.
He says that he was also kidnapped by Alpha, but was allowed to live in order to tell the story and make everyone afraid.
But Siddiq is intent on telling the truth, about the bravery of the deceased.
The Whisperers’ Alpha’s gory cull is sure to send out a clear message to the survivors to not cross the new border, marked by the pikes, or else face her wrath and even more walkers.
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What will happen on the season nine finale of The Walking Dead?
Looking ahead to the finale which is called The Storm, viewers will see winter arrive for the first time in nine seasons of the show.
In a trailer dropped for the last episode of the series, we see Ezekiel and Carol having to cross the border into Whisperer land in order to survive the blizzard.
The promo starts with them closing the doors of their compound while Ezekiel says: “We kept trying to hold on.”
He continues: “It’s over. The kingdom fell,” as he leaves his home for good.
We then hear Michonne say: “This storm could make the roads impassable for weeks.”
The trailer shows the weather getting much worse until they are dealing with a full blizzard.
The next scene in the trailer is Ezekiel saying that the only way to survive is to head through Alpha’s territory, though he says doing this will “trigger a war”.
Carol argues: “We didn’t agree to those borders…those borders are hers, not ours.”
Before the trailer ends, we see someone take on one of Alpha’s Whisperers, suggesting there could be a big battle for territory in The Walking Dead season nine finale.


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