The Tories must realise that nothing is more important than keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of power

The Tories must realise that nothing is more important than keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of power

LABOUR’S betrayal of 17.4million Brits is almost complete.
Don’t take our word for it. Jeremy Corbyn said it himself yesterday.
Getty Images – Getty Jeremy Corbyn needs to be kept out of No10
We already knew he wants a second referendum, no doubt stitched up to try to ensure a Remain vote.
But far more outrageous is his new admission that, if he was in No10, he’d be open to allowing free movement into the UK. So much for Labour’s manifesto promise of an end to unlimited immigration.
Brits have become noticeably less concerned about immigration since the referendum. That’s because people were promised that we would soon have control of our borders once again — open to the best and brightest, the striving and the hard-working — but with a say on who comes in and who doesn’t.
If Labour chuck that away, they will reap a whirlwind. If the Tories give in to Corbyn on this vital point as part of a backroom deal, it’ll be the end of the party system as we know it, opening the door to all sorts of extreme forces.
The Conservatives must realise nothing is more important than keeping Corbyn and his not-so-merry band of Marxists out of power. Their next leader must be capable of tearing into Labour and winning the public round. That work needs to start soon.
The Prime Minister is costing the party its reputation for competence every single day and it’s hard to see merit in reviving her dead deal for what will surely be another humiliation in Parliament.
The party needs a new figure to take the fight to the Opposition.
Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will support a second referendum
Terror traitors
FINALLY, something that looks like concrete action to crack down on Brit-born extremists.
The Home Secretary is right to show how he’ll use his new powers to ensure that no UK citizen is able to swan off to jihadi-infested north west Syria without a very good reason indeed.
Alamy Live News Sajid Javid is right to show how he’ll use his new powers to help stop UK citizens going to north west Syria
There must be consequences. Too many people, mostly on the left, still seem to think we can write off these bloodthirsty terrorists as just youthful mischief-makers. They are not. They are traitors.
Equally important is Sajid Javid’s call for international co-operation to tackle the Islamist menace across the world.
Despite Brexit straining relations with Europe, we hope our neighbours are listening.
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Flying the flag
BRIT Eurovision entry Michael Rice wasn’t that bad.
We could put The Beatles on and we’d still end up mid-table.
AP:Associated Press We can’t blame Michael Rice for coming last, we would never end up higher than mid-table
But then perhaps we’re used to being under-appreciated by Europe…
The real winner of Saturday night, though, was Israel itself.
How many other places in the Middle East could host that many people waving rainbow flags?
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