The Tories are mad to carry on talks with Labour and to consider contesting European elections

The Tories are mad to carry on talks with Labour and to consider contesting European elections

A suicide pact
HAVE the Tory leadership lost their minds? Are they hell-bent on self-destruction?
Hopeless Chancellor Philip Hammond is “optimistic” of a Brexit deal with ­Labour after talks with sinister Marxist John McDonnell.
AFP Philip Hammond is keen to continue talks between the Conservatives and Labour
What deal? One with a permanent customs union certain to split the Tories in two?
One with the second referendum Labour MPs are demanding, which would also tear the Tory Party apart?
Thousands more voters dump them each day — disgusted by their incompetence and now by them co-opting the most toxic political figures of our ­lifetimes into their Brexit strategy team.
The Tories will be flayed alive in the council elections and the European ones soon after.
They would be ­better off ­sitting the latter out. Why stand in them?
If they are still serious that we are leaving the EU, why waste money fielding candidates as Tory MEPs?
Leavers will vote for Nigel Farage’s new outfit now anyway.
Philip Hammond suggests soft Brexit deal with Labour can be done ‘quickly’

Twitter rotters
THE sacking of housing expert Roger Scruton exposes a Tory Party and political system derailed by one website: Twitter.
Scruton’s blunt remarks on Islamophobia, Hungary and the Chinese were quoted out of context by a left-wing journo who cynically stitched him up, then gloatingly toasted his downfall.
Getty – Contributor Roger Scruton was quickly fired and the Tories looked weak
But today’s Tories lack the spine to face down a leftie Twitter mob.
So they indulge in virtue-signalling or desperate damage-limitation.
Two hastily demanded Scruton be fired. One, without irony, said it was a “no-brainer”.
Housing Secretary James Brokenshire brainlessly obliged. Their mistake became obvious too late.
Politicians forever come a cropper with knee-jerk tweets.
Like Tory chairman Brandon Lewis demanding Boris Johnson apologise for burka remarks most of Britain then backed.
MPs are hooked on it and presumably imagine Britain is too.
But political Twitter is a bubble, not the national conversation.
A visit to any town or city outside the M25 would tell them that.
And the Tories and Labour might then begin to grasp the white-hot rage felt by millions over the abysmal state of our politics and MPs’ infantile tribal games.

A grim legacy
WE hope the Tory ERG have a long, hard and sober think over their Easter break.
They may want to be remembered as heroic holdouts against a softish Brexit.
PRU History will not be kind to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Tory ERG group
But if the decision of 17.4million ­people is overturned, and the Tories are ousted by hard-left extremists who inflict poverty on Britain, it will not be the Remainer MPs history recalls.
Fair or not, it will be two dozen ERG members who had the sole viable Brexit deal in their grasp and threw it away.
Jacob Rees-Mogg says the Brexit extension is not a good idea


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