The shortage of NHS funding is a national crisis — so it should not be sending staff abroad to work with Angelina Jolie

The shortage of NHS funding is a national crisis — so it should not be sending staff abroad to work with Angelina Jolie

THE chronic shortage of NHS staff and cash is a national crisis.
So it beggars belief to discover that taxpayers have been paying for NHS doctors and nurses to work with a multi-millionaire movie star 6,000 miles away in Asia while patients in this country suffer.
Getty Despite an NHS crisis taxpayers’ cash is helping send doctors and nurses abroad to work with a multi-millionaire’s charity
Health Education England has spent up to £1million of your cash sending staff to Angelina Jolie’s charity in Cambodia while axing services in its own backyard.
UN goodwill ambassador Miss Jolie’s efforts caring for Cambodian children are to be applauded, and have certainly bolstered her humanitarian image.
The Oscar- winner, whose net worth is estimated at £120million, has admirers like Tory party bigwig Lord Hague falling at her feet. Indeed, she has recently hinted she might go into politics herself.
But why should the NHS be deprived for such a venture when Britain already spends a whopping £13billion in foreign aid every year?
Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Angelina Jolie works with Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy to send our staff to Cambodia
UK survival rates for illnesses like cancer lag well behind rival countries because of a lack of money.
And while medical staff from the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy work with Ms Jolie’s foundation, operations and maternity beds in the South West of England have been cut.
The NHS says these doctors and nurses pick up leadership skills working abroad.
But could they not gain equally valuable experience leading people in this country?
Ace up Trump’s sleeve
“TRUMP is doing a good job . . . I’ve seen people get a pay rise.”
The voices of American women voters who support Donald Trump through thick and thin should be noted in Downing Street.
AP:Associated Press It is important to hear the voices of those who support Trump and remind us of what good work he has done
The US President is battling a political crisis but he has never overlooked what matters to his core voters: putting more of their own cash back in their pockets.
Over to you, Theresa.
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Love Island labour’s lost
ANTONY and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet.. now Megan and Wes.
Granted, the Love Island pair may not be quite on Shakespeare’s level in the history of doomed romances.
Getty Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson have split but there’s a chance they’ll reunite
After all, their most famous act took place not in fair Verona but in a disabled loo at Southend Airport. But to Sun on Sunday readers they are still legends.
If it’s any consolation to their fans, the course of true love never did run smooth.
So maybe the star-crossed lovers could be reunited by Valentine’s Day!
Angelina Jolie reveals she could copy Trump and run for political office


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