The sauna selfie is the hottest new Instagram trend

The sauna selfie is the hottest new Instagram trend

(Picture: glowbarldn, ashleygraham/Instagram)A key component of any successful Instagram post is looking hot.
The hotter the better.
And these celebs and influencers have taken that concept rather literally with the latest trend – the selfie sauna.
The sauna selfie has a number of benefits as we see it.
Firstly, you have a valid excuse to not be wearing very much in the way of clothing.
It’s the perfect opportunity to show of your teeniest bikini, your sexy plunge-neck one-piece, or to bare all with nothing more than a strategically placed towel.
Secondly, the heat of the sauna provides a ready-made glow. Your skin will glisten seductively as the temperature rises, giving off an alluring shimmer.
Unless you just go bright red when you get hot. Which is arguably less sexy.
Thirdly, the very fact of being in a sauna positions you as a woman of luxury.
Yes, you have the time and resources to go to a fancy spa. Yes, wellness of body and mind is high on your list priorities. Yes, your body is a temple and you are a slightly sweaty goddess.
But don’t take our word for it – these celebrities have perfected the art to a T.
Liz Hurley goes for the seductive towel and a strong glow.

(Picture: Instagram/elizabethhurley1)Former Made In Chelsea stars Sophie Habboo and Melissa Tattam opt for a team selfie, and it’s also a strandid (another Insta trend involving holding out a strand of your own hair).

(Picture: glowbarldn/Instagram)Rita Ora gets filter-happy as things hot up.

(Picture: ritaora/Instagram)Ashley Graham doesn’t feel the need for any kind of cover-up as she emerges from the sauna.

(Picture: ashleygraham/Instagram)Olivia Buckland uses her sauna time to show off her cute two-piece and enviable body art.

(Picture: oliviadbuck/Instagram)Strictly Come Dancing stars Karen Clifton, Janette Manrara and Luba Mushtuk use the sauna benches wisely for a group shot on different levels.

(Picture: karencliftonofficial/Instagram)Influencers are at it as well. Using the luxurious sauna setting to the best of their advantage, the social media pros serve up some seriously steamy looks.
Perch on a window with a stunning natural backdrop to prove that you’re not just in your local leisure centre.

If you stumble upon an empty sauna, make yourself as long as humanly possible to save all the seats for your mates.

Found a sauna with cool lighting? You better take that pic quick!

Just been to the gym? Make sure you keep your kit on so everyone knows that you’re fit AF.

So next time you treat yourself to a spa day make sure you’re camera ready and get snapping.
Saunas are brilliant for soothing your muscles and cleansing your skin, but they’re also great for boosting your likes – so get involved.
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