The Royal confirmed by Atlus as new character teased for PS4’s best RPG

The Royal confirmed by Atlus as new character teased for PS4's best RPG

PERSONA 5 is getting an all-new version, complete with at least one new character.
The mystery of P5R has had a big piece filled in thanks to a teaser trailer that debuted on Japanese TV this weekend.
The character is dressed in the uniform of a Shujin Academy student
The trailer shows off a new character — a first-year student at Shujin Academy, the school at the centre of the game’s characters’ lives.
She doesn’t have a name, yet, but the trailer shows her in the game’s version of Tokyo, looking up at a billboard showing off the logo of the Phantom Thieves, the mysterious vigilante gang made up — unbeknownst to her — of her classmates.
In the voiceover, as translated by Gematsu, she admits to not liking the Thieves or their methods.
Previous Persona games have previously had expanded, definitive editions released for them some time after the original version, with new characters, story elements or features.
For Persona 4, the Golden version of the game added new characters, a month’s worth of content to the story and gameplay changes.
The new character’s face is shown only briefly in the trailer

It also bought the game to a whole new platform, as it came out for PlayStation Vita, after the original version came out on the PS2.
Many are hoping that The Royal will bring Persona 5 to the Nintendo Switch in much the same way.
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The reveal of protagonist Joker as a downloadable character for Super Smash Bros earlier this year hinted they might be in luck — but fans were left disappointed as the initial tease doesn’t reference the Switch.
That having been said, more information is promised next month, on April 24, at a huge live Persona event being held in Tokyo.
Persona 5 is the best RPG you can get for PlayStation 4 and seems unlikely to be outdone before the end of this generation, so we’ll be watching for news of a new version very intently and report back with any news we hear.

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