The KFC secret menu items staff make for themselves when customers are out of the store

The KFC secret menu items staff make for themselves when customers are out of the store

A KFC worker has revealed how staff make secret menu items for themselves once their shift is over.
Area manager Nat Jones shared three of her favourite menu hacks with us, which include a KFC quesadilla and a version of Canadian poutine.
These are some of the secret menu items that staff make for themselves
Guilhem Baker – The Sun Area manager Nat Jones revealed the secret menu hacks staff make for themselves when customers aren’t looking
Nat has worked for KFC for 15 years, and started as a part-time team member in Manchester.
She’s now an area manager running seven KFC restaurants in London – so has a great insight into what it’s like to work at the fast food giant.
She said staff members make themselves custom-made KFC dishes all the time when customers aren’t looking.
She’s shared three of her favourite menu hacks – and if you’re feeling brave, you could try and order them for yourself next time you’re at KFC.
KFC poutine
Burger Lad KFC poutine can be made by ordering chips, gravy, two cheese slices and popcorn chicken
Nat’s favourite secret menu hack is to make a KFC version of poutine: a Canadian dish of chips, cheese curds and gravy.
KFC Canada actually sells this on the menu.
But KFC in the UK doesn’t have cheese curds, sadly, so Nat says you have to make do with shredded cheese slices.
She told us: “Being a northerner, the best thing I’ve seen is a KFC version of poutine.
Burger Lad You can make your own KFC poutine if you order chips, gravy, cheese slices and popcorn chicken
“Chips, gravy, cheese with a little bit of chicken on the side is my favourite.
“When I worked back in the restaurants, I would make that for my dinner.”
To create your own poutine, order popcorn chicken (£1.79), gravy (99p), chips (99p) and two cheese slices (price will depend on store) – a total of £3.77.
You probably won’t be able to convince staff to make it for you, but you can assemble it yourself.
Staff at the Burger Lad blog created a KFC poutine at one branch and revealed how to make it.
KFC quesadilla
KFC KFC sells quesadillas in parts of Europe – but staff make their own in the UK when customers aren’t looking
Another favourite hack that staff like to make when customers aren’t watching is KFC quesadillas.
To make it, staff take a tortilla used for KFC’s wraps and a chicken fillet used in its Zinger wraps and burgers.
They chop up the fillet and place it in a wrap with lettuce, cheese and their choice of sauce.
They then fold it and toasting it in the restaurant’s toaster, designed to toast its burger buns.
Other KFC secret menu items to tryTHERE are other secret menu items that customers have created at KFC.
Burger Lad have compiled a list – and have successfully ordered these KFC hacks.
But they said they often have to assemble the creations themselves as it’s not always possible to convince a staff member to make them.

Zinger Stacker: Two juicy Zinger Fillets, two slices of melted cheese, lettuce, spicy supercharged sauce and chilli relish in a burger bun – £6.78.
MYO Double Down: The Double Down has been on sale in the UK but only for limited times. Make your own by ordering two Big Daddy burgers (£9), discarding the bread and sandwiching the two chicken fillets together.
Devil Down: A twist on the Double Down. Follow the same steps as the Double Down but ask for extra cheese and Supercharger sauce.

This would be tricky to assemble yourself because it needs to be toasted after it’s made.
But you could try asking a staff member to make it for you.
Or you could order a Fillet Twister Wrap (£4.49), add extra cheese and take it home to toast it.
Supercharge it
Burger Lad The Supercharger burger comes with fiery orange sauce but it’s only available at limited times
One of the simplest menu hacks that staff love to make for themselves is simply adding KFC’s popular – and fiery – Supercharger sauce to their favourite dish.
The Supercharger burger is a limited edition item that’s only available every few months or so at KFC.
But it’s a little known fact that many branches keep spicy Supercharger sauce in the kitchen.
Try asking your local branch to add the sauce to your favourite KFC meal next time you visit a branch.
They may not have it in stock but it’s always worth asking.
Otherwise, you may have to wait until the Supercharger is back in stores.
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