The Independent Group MPs mocked as ‘out of touch’ after ordering salad and bottled water at Nando’s

The Independent Group MPs mocked as 'out of touch' after ordering salad and bottled water at Nando's

A NEW group of Independent MPs have been trolled as “out of touch” after going for a Nando’s – and ordering salad, bottled water and plain chips.
Chuka Umunna and his new pals tried to show their hip side by holding their first meeting at a branch of the hugely popular Portuguese-style chicken fast food restaurant.
Twitter Chuka Umunna posted this picture of The Independent Group’s first meal out on Twitter and got mercilessly trolled
But it sparked a Twitter storm as the MPs were hammered for their poor menu choices.
Alhan Gencay blasted Anna Soubry for splashing out £2.40 on bottled water when customers can get unlimited free refills on any fizzy drinks.
He joked: “One of u ordered BOTTLED water? U realise it’s free refills at the machine?
“I’ve never seen something more out of touch. U lot eating like u got a black card or some sh**. Who funds ur operation for u to be ordering salad? And covering ur chips in ketchup smh.
“And none of u got peri chips. All plain chips. And one of u got a 10 wing roulette to urselves with no other sides? I swear to god ur all crackheads.”
Olympian Team GB hockey star Samantha Quek also got in on the act as she labelled them “monsters” for choosing the wrong food.
She joked: “MP’s get too much unwarranted stick at times……But if you go to NandosUK & order a sparkling water, a salad & PUT KETCHUP ON YOUR CHIPS WHEN THE LEMON & HERB IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?! …then @Anna_Soubry I hope Twitter has mercy for your Peri-Peri less soul – You MONSTER!”
She did praise former Labour MP Chuka Umunna for showing his “leadership material” by choosing a double chicken burger and chips with the “correct sauce usage”.
Sam congratulated ex-Labour MP for Luton South Gavin Shuker – who was elected as the “convener” of Monday’s meeting – for showing “huge promise” by ordering a Sagres beer.
But she quipped: “You were battling Chuka for MVP, but your spice flag has very suspiciously been removed prior to the photo being taken & I greatly fear that spice flag read “Plain”. Fess up! -TBC”
Meanwhile ex-Labour MP Angela Smith was also criticised for apparently ordering hummus as a starter.
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Sam said: “I am a champion for healthy eating, but there’s a time and a place…Large white wine though …Go on girl – C”
Suzanne Bold added: “A fine analysis. I would also take issue with the wine drinking.”
While Conor Griffin said: “They didn’t refer to it as a Cheeky Nando’s. They’re out of touch!!”
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