The horrific mosque massacre in New Zealand has united the world in grief

The horrific mosque massacre in New Zealand has united the world in grief

THE horrific terrorist outrage in New Zealand has united the world in grief.
As ever, this shocking act of hate against innocent citizens, one of them aged just three, defies understanding.
AFP or licensors After the horrifying attack in New Zealand, communities across the globe have come together, united in their grief
While the gunman struck this time on the other side of the globe, the pain will be felt as keenly in Britain — especially among those caught up in similar attacks.
Far from sowing division and recrimination, it has renewed people’s determination to stick together in the face of all types of extremism.
As Muslim leader Fiyaz Mughal reminds us in today’s paper, there have been far-right extremists in Britain who have tried to stir up a race war, much as the New Zealand perpetrator seemed hell-bent on.
But their twisted ambitions have been thwarted by communities coming together.
Typical is the victim of the Manchester Arena bombing whose poignant words we report today.
Ruth Murrell and her daughter were seriously wounded in the attack by a jihadi terrorist.
But her reaction to the New Zealand atrocity was to buy a bunch of flowers to take to her local mosque, along with a letter expressing her feeling that “hate does not win. We all stand united as brothers and sisters”.
Her defiant words are a fitting epitaph for the New Zealand victims: “We must tell them you will not win.”
Manchester man shows solidarity with local mosque
Listen to the people
ENOUGH is enough on the Brexit shambles. We want out as soon as possible.
A poll today shows that 28 per cent want PM Theresa May to ignore MPs and leave the EU without a deal.
AFP We must leave as soon as possible or we will waste the chance of a lifetime to wave goodbye to Brussels
But if her exit plan does not get past Parliament, Britain’s departure could be postponed for two years. As Andrea Leadsom says, a lengthy delay would be humiliating.
MPs must unite behind the deal on the table — or waste the chance of a lifetime to wave goodbye to Brussels.
Sort it. Anything else is a betrayal.
Brave Jade’s legacy
TRAGIC Jade Goody’s most worthwhile legacy is sadly being squandered.
The 27-year-old’s death from cervical cancer ten years ago was a wake-up call for millions of women. But the smear test rates that shot up after she lost her life have now plummeted to record lows.
PA:Press Association Jade Goody’s legacy is being squandered as smear tests are now at record lows
Backed by this newspaper, the NHS is urging women to take the life-saving test.
So our message is don’t delay, go today. What greater legacy could Jade have left than saving other people’s lives?
Jade Goody’s mum Jackiey Budden breaks down in tears as she reveals daughter’s legacy is fading as smear test rates drop


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