The Guardian forced to correct botched story warning of Brexit-related farmer suicides

The Guardian forced to correct botched story warning of Brexit-related farmer suicides

The Guardian was forced into a grovelling correction to a story warning of Brexit-related suicides amongst farmers after botching official statistics.
In an article which claimed farmers were more likely to kill themselves as a result of Brexit-related worries, the paper claimed that “one agricultural worker a week killed themselves.”
Getty – Contributor The Guardian was forced to correct a story warning of Brexit-related farmer suicides
In fact no category exists for agricultural workers. The category that does exist, for farmers, shows 84 deaths formally categorised as suicide between 2011-15, far below the original claim.
The article was also published in the print edition of the newspaper, which sells 136,000 copies a day according to the latest figures, just 1.2 million behind market leader The Sun. The paper printed the correction on page 7 of its “G2 section,” rather than on page 17 of the main paper where the original story appeared.
The Guardian has refused to sign up to press regulator IPSO, the only major British newspaper to do so. IPSO typically demands that corrections are printed either on page or given equal prominence to the original, incorrect story.
It is not the first time the left-wing paper has been forced to amend and revise articles about Brexit.
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In February they had to revise an article which was headlined “Norway urges students to avoid UK universities in Brexit warning” after an advisor to the Norwegian Government clarified that his remarks were directed only to one cohort of those on the Erasmus programme.
The Guardian acknowledged five other amendments, corrections, clarifications or revisions on Wednesday 13th March alone.

If you are having suicidal thoughts or you or somebody close to you is in need of help, the Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123.

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