The end of the PIN? NatWest to trial bank card that uses your FINGERPRINT to pay

The end of the PIN? NatWest to trial bank card that uses your FINGERPRINT to pay

NATWEST is replacing some customers’ debit cards with ones that scan your finger to pay for shopping – and there’s no need for a PIN number.
The Sun first reported how fingerprints could be replacing PIN numbers on cards last summer, and now NatWest is the first bank to trial biometric fingerprint technology to authorise payments.
NatWest Only 200 customers are trialling the new bank card
Customers in the trial will use their fingerprint to pay for transactions over £30 in a bid to cut back on fraud.
The black debit cards feature a metallic square at one end of it which will be exposed when it’s inserted into the card machine.
Shoppers will then place their finger on the square which will confirm the payment – there’s no need to even remember a four digit number.
The trial is small and so far only 200 customers have been chosen to take part.
Gemalto A biometric payment card has a fingerprint scanner slot on the front
NatWest told The Sun that it’s still far too early to say that these types of debit cards will eventually be rolled out to all customers but they’re not ruling out the idea.
For the trial, the chosen customers will have to go into a branch to register one of their finger – or thumb – prints but the bank also said that this could be done via the app in future.
NatWest has joined forces with digital security company Gemalto to make the cards, which will work in existing Visa and Mastercard machines so you won’t be restricted to shopping in certain retailers.
Like normal debit cards, they’ll also be able to make contactless payments for sales under £30.
David Crawford, head of effortless payments said: “We are using the very latest technology across our business to make banking easier for our customers and biometric fingerprint cards are one of the many technologies we are exploring further.
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“This is the biggest development in card technology in recent years and we are excited to trial the service.”
Visa claimed that it was working on technology that would let customers withdraw cash and make payments using your voice, retina or even heartbeat.
Even though fingerprint scanners reduce the risk of fraud, Apple users are being warned over a devious scam that tricks you into making a huge £100 payment.

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