The British cities where you’re most likely to catch an STI revealed

The British cities where you're most likely to catch an STI revealed

THE cities where you’re most likely to catch an STI have been revealed – and it’s bad news if you live in Cardiff or Glasgow.
The Welsh capital was ranked the UK’s “worst” city for sexual health just ahead of the Scottish city.

2,368 Brits from 28 cities were asked questions about nine aspects of their sexual health.
11 per cent of people in Cardiff said they would get an STI test after having unprotected sex, while just 22 per cent of them wear condoms.
The city also had the highest number of people who said they wouldn’t be able to recognise the symptoms of an STI.
76 per cent of people surveyed in Edinburgh had never had an STI check, the highest on the list.
On the flip side Bristol had the lowest number of people who’ve never been tested for an STI at 42 per cent.
Only 17 per cent of Bristolians would wait until they saw symptoms to get checked.
The cities where you’re most likely to catch an STI
1. Cardiff
2. Glasgow
3. Belfast
4. Edinburgh
5. Leeds
6. Plymouth
7. Liverpool
8. Hull
9. Nottingham
10. Newcastle

The research, conducted by Medicine Direct, also found that 32 per cent of Brits don’t get STI checks because they don’t believe they’re at risk of STIs.
33 per cent of adults said they were never taught about sexually transmitted infections at school.
Superintendent Pharmacist at Medicine Direct Hussain Abdeh said: “Our survey has highlighted that people are taking a risk with their own health, and other people’s.
“Considering how easy it is to get your sexual health checked these days – whether by postal tests, sexual health clinics or your GP – there is a real need for improvement within our sexually active population.
“It’s worth remembering that some STIs, such as chlamydia, may have no visible symptoms but can be very damaging if left untreated.”
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Face-to-face consultations in sexual health clinics have fallen by 85,000.
The total number of contacts with sexual health services has dropped by 245,000 since 2015/16.
Figures from Public Health England show about 420,000 STIs were diagnosed in England in 2017.

Getty – Contributor 32 per cent of Brits don’t get STI checks because they don’t believe they’re at risk
Super gonorrhoea spreading across the UK

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