The Big Bang Theory lists all the things you should never say to a fan of the show

The Big Bang Theory lists all the things you should never say to a fan of the show

The cast are still bonded even if their cardboard cutouts aren’t (Picture: CBS)The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end. It’s almost over. The cast are upset, the fandom is in mourning and there’s just a few episodes left to wrap up the wonderful relationships that have formed and kept the show in such high regard.
CBS, the network on which the last few episodes of The Big Bang Theory will air, has come up with a few things you should never say to a fan of the show.
Seriously, don’t.
‘Geniuses can’t be chic.’
One word: Sheldon’s Bazinga! Shirt.
‘My fandom is better than yours.’
All fandoms have their place and it’s just plain rude to say yours is better than theirs. But also, The Big Bang Theory has Amy. What have you got?

It’s almost over you guys. Here’s a tissue (Picture: Instagram)‘Theme parties are overrated.’
Speaking of Sheldon’s beau – she’s one hell of a themed party thrower. Think Victorian Christmas dinner, Adult Prom…
‘Brainiacs never get the girl.’
Yeah? Tell that to Leonard.

Penny and Leonard were basically nerd prom king and queen (Picture: CBS)‘Adults shouldn’t read picture books.’
There are so many things wrong with this statement: Firstly, and most importantly – comic books and manga are not, we repeat not, picture books. Secondly, let’s address the word ‘shouldn’t’. What’s wrong with adults launching their minds into space odyssey epics and mutant ninja turtles fights? Nothing, that’s what.
‘One knock is enough.’
Think up a knocking pattern, just like Sheldon, and it will announce your presence. You don’t even need to say your name. Economical and succinct.

In fact, by all means create cool patterns and symbols for every situation. Or in this case, throw up the Vulcan salutation everywhere you go (Picture: CBS)‘Lullabies are for babies.’
Look, sometimes you can’t sleep and you need a lullaby. ‘Soft Kitty’ is the way and the light, and Penny knew this.
‘Seating assignments are so 7th grade.’
Being comfortable is important, okay?
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‘You’re too old for video games.’
If you know, you know.
The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays on CBS in the US and on E4 in the UK.

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